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  1. Hi fellow cruisers, going to check out Fred Olsen, also Azamara, I noticed FO have a fly cruise to the Seychelles which appeals. Have travelled on the Oriana many times, the last time about 3 years ago we were disappointed with the food, very repetitive, and the Conservatory, canteen food ( used the restaurant instead ) Checking these ships and destinations will keep me busy on this miserable Sunday afternoon.
  2. Hi Land Ahoy & Oldworldtraveller, My husband isn't going so would feel very guilty going too expensive plus my friend has never cruised and she isn't prepared to spend the cost of Seabourn, Regency etc. We don't mind either fly cruises or UK departures, definitely child free or not in school holidays, I personally enjoy ports so half and half, enjoy formal evenings, not extra large ships, enjoy lectures etc.
  3. Thank you, will check them out, was thinking sometime over the winter, so Med would be too cool, could wait until Spring.
  4. Hi, My husband and I have been cruisers since the Canberra, we have usually been P&O fans, and once with Fred Olsen, the last time we cruised with P&O we were disappointed, so my question is......My friend and I usually go on holiday each year, we have decided on a cruise this time, what ship and where would you go? We are both nearly 70 years old, very able, like sunshine but don't want to go on one of the new extra large ships with outdoor sports etc. Any ideas?
  5. Just sat here wishing I was somewhere else in the world, warmer, and tomorrow would see a new day in a new place, well we can all dream can't we? I would like to return to Australia and cruise all around the country seeing cities I haven't visited, where would you all like to be? We have cruised for the past 25 years, always to different places and loved every minute, hopefully next year we will be off again, don't know where or when, time will tell, something to look forward to through our long dark winter days.
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