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  1. Did Christmas markets cruise about three years ago and there were no stag/hen parties on board. The service was also great, the usual P&O standard. J
  2. I have also used Holiday Extras in the past. Get insurance through our bank now. J
  3. It'll be the 'deciding' part that will be most difficult J
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I've had a few days away. Thank you for your responses. It seems quite a daunting task but I think we'll look at the P&O Ventura or Azura Thank you J
  5. We love Oceana Mikey. It has something for everbody which makes it perfect for all age groups, it's the perfect size and most importantly a very friendly ship
  6. Always seem to go back to Oceana Oceana X3 Aurora Queen Victoria Ocean Princess Crown Princess
  7. Hi Whats the best ship for a family of 17 (age range 17-74) ? Thanks J
  8. jessy63


    Hi everyone I'm Jessie, I have cruised 7 times. Twice with Princess, 4 times with P&O and once with Cunard. Fave destination is the Fjords in summer, Caribbean in winter. Bye for now. J
  9. Hi I'm looking to get the majority of my family, 17 member in total, booked on to a cruise in 2016. We have a big family celebration that year and I thought it would be great way to celebrate. Want to start planning this now so we have plently of time to disscuss and prepare. Has anyone ever attempted a cruise with this many family members? Looking for advice as to whether it's best to book direct with a cruise line or use an agent, what ship and destination are best suited for a family get together. Age ranges from 17-74. Thanks J
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