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  1. Choosing a less favourable balcony cabin on Celebrity Eclipse gave us select/freedom dining. This was new for us, we had wondered who managed to eat on the upper restaurant level. "Come any time you choose but on the first night come at 8.15pm to make life easier." Table for 2 or share is the next question. We wanted to share, that was easily done. Evening 2 we joined a line again at 8.15pm thinking this would be helpful, and we waited knowing no one else. Eventually we found others wanting to share and presented ourselves as a group, that worked well. Evening 3 we turned up at 8.15pm and ther
  2. Thanks for the info, I will consider upgrading to premium if cocktails are not included. Does anyone know this?
  3. Do you have to pay the gratuity tax , I think its 15%, when you have the classic package? I hope not!!
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