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  1. I think if you look on page 1 of 2 dress code has been mentioned, perhaps it is to do with 'Freedom', sadly dress code isn't adhered to in restaurants, anything goes, even in the speciality restaurants. We participate even if others don't, personal choice, and will continue to do so.
  2. It maybe a sign of the times however I feel that its a sign of standards dropping! We along with many friends will maintain all evenings where we dress for dinner. Perhaps it is up to the passengers who wish to continue dressing for formal nights to do so. Its part of the holiday, if you've got wear it! and don't let anyone slate you for it.
  3. We cruises on Celebrity Solstice in November. It was very disappointing on formal nights where fellow cruises didn't participate, passengers wandered around in shorts and tee shirts, we have never experienced this before. Dressing for dinner is part of the holiday. However obviously not for everyone!
  4. Sailaway


    We have sailed on Azura four times now. We cannot rate this ship high enough. We expect high standards and have never been disappointed. I hope those of you who are sailing for the first time on this ship have a fantastic time, and are not put off due to other passengers negative comments.
  5. Definitely a balcony if its within budget, and of course if you will use it!
  6. Thank you everyone for the advice, I have now applied for the ETA's which have now been granted - FREE!!
  7. Thank you ron, I'm really grateful for your advice - I never get anything free so thought it worth asking!!
  8. We will be visiting Australia later this year post cruise, and understand we require ETA's. I believe it is possible to apply on the internet for these without incurring any charge, whereas some sites charge. Has anyone made an application where there has been no charge?, and if so advise me what site they used.
  9. We flew from Manchester in February this year to the Caribbean. We flew both ways on the Dreamliner, and no complaints whatsoever.
  10. Hello Seawitch you could try googling for names such as Joseph Ribkoff, After Six, Frank Lyman to name a few. These are usually sold in individual shops, and sometimes sold on the cruise ships. You may also fund some other makes. Worth a try.
  11. How sad but interesting to see the comments. Everyone has their own opinions, as I have stated before we enjoy dressing formally and semi formally whilst away, it is part of our holiday. Whatever everyone else wears it is up to them, dinner is worth dressing for and we will continue to do so. Enjoy your holiday and don't let someone else's dress code or lack of it as may be spoil yours!!
  12. Sailaway

    Cunard Ship Visits

    Great photos Richard, I look forward to travelling with Cunard in the future!
  13. We noticed on our holiday in February semi formal had been dropped on Azura. Many people just didn't bother make an effort. We will still continue to dress semi formal, it is part of our holiday dressing for dinner, and will continue to be so.
  14. Thankyou for the advice Solent Richard and Furby.........happy cruising to you too!
  15. Happy New Year everyone..........I haven't been on the Forum for several weeks and I am unable to view new content etc. As everyone is always so helpful, can you tell me if I have missed new changes or am I doing some wrong!!?? Thank you in anticipation.
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