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  1. We have booked on their 18th July for a fortnight...can't wait
  2. Is it with Celebrity? Take your decorations for your room..when we went with p&o at Christmas everyone had decorations and was a great atmosphere.
  3. Thanks...also did a boating holiday from Falkirk xx
  4. EDupree


    For easy reading I recommend any Jill Mansell. Read one of her books a few years ago on a cruise and couldn't set it down...always make sure I have one of her books in my bag for holidays
  5. EDupree


    We used a group called Red October when we first visited St Petersburg...they were amazing and organised visas and the itinerary we wanted over our two day stay. It was about £500 for 3 of us in a private car with guide but money well spent as we never had to queue at the palaces and we got to see everything
  6. I won't book with anyone else now than bolsover...it's just lovely when they answer and say your name before you speak....very personal I think
  7. We were on Arcadia a few years ago for Christmas....the Bay was rough and we missed our stop at Cadiz due to the weather. The ship was lovely decorated and there were carols, Santa, Christmas Eve service etc and Santa left us gorgeous presents...just a pity no one had warned us of the average age of the guests!
  8. We have never been asked how much we paid etc...the way I look at it. We were happy with how much we were quoted so we booked the holiday. My only gripe is the prices hike up during school holiday times, which as a teacher is the only time we sail and there are never any bargains!
  9. I'm confused....we have gone for multitrip insurance and we tick box saying Cruises to be included...is £43 too cheap? It is with AA but if I yo into the holiday extras they are quoting £119
  10. We have used a few different hotels, Etap being the worst. We like Holiday Inn as it does stay and park, which we sometimes use if no free car parking available..
  11. Hi. My name is Elizabeth and I'm married to Simon. We found 'cruising' 7 years ago when I realised my fear of flying was ruining our holidays each time. So now we cruise! Been with Thomson, PO, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity but my favourite is Princess. Two booked for this year. One at Easter on Oceana and one in the summer on Ruby Princess...stuck with only sailing during school holidays!
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