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  1. I have had similar replies from Thomson (who by the way took some months to reply) about "extreme weather conditions". I think they use a different Oxford English dictionary than mine. There was about one inch of snow at Manchester Airport and it had stopped snowing about 3 hours before we we 'ejected' from the plane. I also wrote to P&O and did get the word 'sorry' in their reply and was told they would be holding an internal enquiry which would not have taken long as they had no one there there to see what really happened and they have not had the courtesy to let me know what was the out
  2. Thanks for your help Redpeter. Another point to consider is the incompetence of Thomson Airways in not realising that the aircrew were in danger of running out of service hours. We had said this was a possibility after being on the plane for about 3 hours. They should have realised this as professionals and got another crew ready to take over.
  3. Help please. Anyone on this flight who suffered the 6 hours plus sitting in the aircraft before being unloaded and all the ensuing chaos. How do I claim compensation and from who, P&O or Thomson. Thomson claim it was adverse weather conditions but these only seemed to affect our plane as others were landing and taking off,and the flight scheduled to leave one hour after us went approx 7 hours late whilst we were collecting our luggage. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have receieved a reply an made a further phone call to P&O. The new pricing system apparently takes into account any past cruisers discount to work out the price paid, and this is what is considered when deciding whether your cruise is reduced. I told them them that I did not think that this was really looking after past customers and after further discussions they settled my problem to my satisfaction with extra 'goodwill' OBC. As they are still receiving feedback on the new system (good and bad), they promised to take my concerns 'on board'.
  5. Thanks sagaris and chis55, The cabins are the same grade, next to each other and booked at the same time. I have written to P&O and will keep you informed of the outcome
  6. I don't think P&O know what they are doing with their new prices. My wife and I (past P&O cruisers) are going on J412 (Arcadia - Norwegian fjords in August 2014) and are treating our son & his partner to their first cruise. We have received an email from P&O dated 4 Nov. saying our cruise has not been reduced, and our son has receved a letter form P&O saying their cruise has been reduced and they will therfore receive £100.00 complimentary on board spend. Are we going on the same cruise? Is Arcadia going to the fjords or somewhere else? Do P&O know what they are doing?
  7. Thanks for all that DTM. I hope we have as good a time next August when we are going on Arcadia. It is our first venture away from the 'sunshine' cruises my wife likes so I hope it doesn't rain too much or we (she) will come home with more handbags than we have room for
  8. Thanks to you all. I wasn't sure if there was a semi formal code. This means more room in my case for wife's dresses. Ú
  9. Hi, We are booked on a Princess Hawaii cruise in March next year and wondering what to pack for 'smart casual'. Does this mean a jacket for men or just smart trousers and an open necked shirt?
  10. Good morning all. I obviously get up later than most but the rain has cleared and sun is shining, hope it lasts.
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