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  1. Princess every time over P&O. Much better ambience, excellent service and great clientele from all over the world. Part of cruising is meeting people and the mix on Princess is great. Bob Troll's points are spot on regarding loyalty benefits Princess's are far superior to anything that P&O have to offer. There's no comparison. And do we really need another opportunity to stuff ourselves with fantastic food by dining with the offices. Nearly all P&Os loyalty benefits cost them nothing. They are superficial compared to Princesses. True P& O have more cruises out of Southampton
  2. The problem lies with the Restaurant Managers for allowing into restaurants people who don't comply with the dress codes. My wife and I love the formal evenings which are an important part of the cruise experience for us. If people do not want to dress formally they should use a restaurant on formal nights that allows formal attire. I made a comment on my last Princess cruise to a Restaurant Manager about allowing in a man in jeans and a T shirt. His attitude was summed up with a shrug of the shoulders and the comment, "we don't like to upset our guests." We I told him that he upset those
  3. We are doing this cruise next month starting from Quebec and finishing in Houston with some excellent ports en route none of which we have visited before. Can anone advise on whether its easy to do your own thing at these ports or would you advise to book the cruise ship's excursions? Thank you
  4. Naples is really dirty with rubbish all over the streets. We went to the station and got the local train to Sorrento which was really beautiful. The train ride was an experience in itself but wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. Very crowded and 23 stops! It also stopped at Pompeii, which is really worth a visit
  5. This programme hasn't done Princess any good and, in fact, I found it a bit embarrassing! However, don't be put off the two new ships. My wife and I have just returned from a Med cruise on the sister ship, Regal Princess and it was absolutely fantastic. Minor irritations like people not conforming to dress codes and restaurant managers doing nothing about it; and the usual moans about paying for shuttle buses when they dock in cheaper, inconvenient berths, but otherwise it was fantastic in all areas, particularly the food and entertainment.
  6. We have just returned from a cruise on the new Regal Princess and the way they have designed the Horizon Court buffet is superb and very much eliminates the queues, even on sea days when everyone is on board. The tables and breakfast bars are set with cutlery wrapped in a napkin and the waiters get your drinks, thus avoiding that messy visit to the drink stations which you get on other cruise lines. The Horizon Court is divided into a Bistro for lighter meals and areas for full hot meals which my wife and I found a great improvement when we had occasion to use the self-service facility. Well
  7. Just returned from a trip on the sister ship Regal Princess and it was fantastic. The accommodation is absolutely superb and the new configuration of the buffet area - the Horizon Court - has made it a pleasant eating experience with no hassle getting tables and with some waiter service no queues at the drinks station. There was a great feeling of spaciousness on the decks and no problems getting a sun bed or table to sit at. The movie screen was very clear despite the strong sun and the entertainment shows by the ship's company surpass anything I have seen before on a cruise ship and is well
  8. Can anyone recommend a City Centre hotel in Barcelona please?
  9. Cabin number was 421. I discussed this with one of the team at Bolsover but they said that it would not have been a health and safety issue as P&O would not have allowed this and it must have been approved. For the first time ever as a long-standing customer I was disappointed that Bolsover didn't agree to take this up with P&O as the photo shows it was clearly a problem - and even more so for less agile older people!
  10. Just to clarify I have posted a picture in the gallery "Pull Down Bunks" so you can see the problem. I wold be interested in your views.
  11. pgtolan

    pull down bunks

    pull down beds on Ventura
  12. In our cabin the beds were permanently fixed to the walls and didn't go into the ceiling. So when you got out of bed if you wanted to stand upright you had to turn sideways otherwise it was impossible. My wife knocked her head several times. You couldn't walk back to bed in the dark as you were likely to walk into it.
  13. Heraklion: Why on earth would any cruise ship want to stop there!
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