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    CruiseHL reacted to Davybe in Wine prices on Cunard?   
    See if this link works for you.
    From their web site...Davybe
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    CruiseHL reacted to nitamoore in Celebrity Cruises Evening Chic   
    I have been cruising for many years.  In fact I have just booked my 32nd cruise.  I'm not old.  However since discovering cruising 15 years ago that is our vacation choice. So what do I love about cruising...
    The feeling of glamour and luxury.  I enjoy formal nights.  It isn't about me dressing up.  It is the whole ambiance of elegant sophistication and luxury that everyone dressed up gives the evenings.  Ladies in jeans, no matter how smart and men without jackets on formal nights.  I don't think so.  People dressing as though they were going to a football match on other nights.  No.  Call it what you will.  It is now smart-ish and scruffy.  If I want that.  I will go with NCL.  I've tried them and missed what I love about cruising.  Luxury and elegance doesn't come from décor alone.  It is the people that make it so.
    I appreciate that relative to the price cruises were.  Cruising is a lot, lot cheaper.  Something has to give.  But it costs the cruise lines nothing at all to have guests looking and feeling like they are at the 'Ambassador's Ball'.  To give guests that special feeling of luxury.  Yes I can wear my long evening dress on a table with women in jeans and men without jackets.  But I will feel like I've over dressed for a meal in the local pub.  And if nobody else is wearing a suit.  I'll never get my husband in one.  So I will join the rest of the scruffily dressed people for a mediocre meal.
    Evenings of smart jeans and/or tatty jeans.  I don't think so.  Not for me.  I moved from RCL to Celebrity as they had turned into Butlins at sea.  I have done 6 Celebrity cruise over the past 3 years.  Bit by bit the '5 star' has eroded.  For me this is the final nail in the coffin.  It is now 3* at best.  It seems to me that in the rush to gain new markets they are forgetting loyal customers.  But what do the new young market want?  I can only tell you about my experience. 
    Some years ago I took my Niece and boyfriend, now husband, on a Cunard Caribbean cruise. They were in their early 20's.  They loved cruising.  Now at just 30 years old, they are Diamond RCL members.  But are moving away from RCL and trying other lines..   She has also introduced her Sister-in-Law and Parents-in-Law.  They have a young child themselves and enjoy the family holidays.  But they also like a bit of luxury for themselves.  The 'Posh frock' nights gives them that. 
    I also took my nephew cruising a few times from the age of 12 years.  He loved it.  Wearing his suit and being at the plushest meals of his life.  Now 20 years old and has cruise 7 times.  He has convinced his mum and younger sister to go (they have now done 3 cruises) and is keen to be able to cruise again, when he can afford it. 
    So personally I think that the Marketing team has it wrong.  Perhaps young people are looking for the a movie version of cruise lines not an 18/30 club.  I know younger people who have tried a weekender and have said never again.  In fact they were the people that said 'Butlins at Sea' (never been myself).  You have RCL that has turned into an 18/30's club.  Leave something for people who want a certain standard on holiday.
    Along with the other changes Celebrity have now dropped to 3 star and have joined NCL with a freedom dress code.  I have emailed 'Captain Club' and told them what I think.  Unless the price is so low I can't turn it down (Costa hasn't managed that yet, and I tried it before the disaster).  It is goodbye Celebrity and hello again Cunard.  They are a bit stuffy yes.  But thank goodness at least someone is maintaining a luxurious standard.  And luxury is why put up with occasional sea sickness and cruise again and again.
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    CruiseHL reacted to dapper1946 in Celebrity Cruises Evening Chic   
    Just read the blog on Celebrity dropping formal nights. Why oh why!!?? If people don't want to dress up on a couple of nights on a cruise, they don't have to and can dine in the buffet restaurants. Many wives love to prepare for these evenings in formal gowns etc and gents in their tux. Now they could well be seated next to jeans and polo shirts!! Surely, the rare opportunity for the ordinary guy in the street to become a celebrity lookalike, and his lady made to feel like a film star at the Cannes festival, has gone out the window, ( sorry, porthole )! Still, think of the extra space we will have in the suitcases. No tux, no long gowns, no dress shirts, no jewellery, no cufflinks, no smart shoes.......plenty of room now for extra jeans, tee shirts and sandals! No doubt it won't be long before we will be sitting down at dinner in shorts and flip flops!!!
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    CruiseHL got a reaction from harley1 in St Petersburg Ballet?   
    Thanks for that harley1.  I have emailed them along with a couple of other tour companies to see if they can offer anything including the visas.  
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    CruiseHL reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Do You Always Go Ashore When The Ship Is In Port?   
    It doesn't matter how many times you have visited a particular port there is always something new you can find. Even the port areas have hidden gems if you are prepared to look for them. Here is a site that some of you may find useful. Just select the country and then the port and be surprised at what there is to do.
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