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  1. Oh crikey, how dim am I - I never thought to look on the website first! The link didn't work but I did manage to find the correct area on the website, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I must be having a slow start this morning Thanks so much!
  2. Hi everyone - looking for some information hopefully. We have done quite a lot of cruises though have never sailed with Cunard as yet; however we recently booked our first cruise with them for next June for a week as a taster. A friend of a friend suggested that the cheapest bottle of wine on Cunard ships was around US$45 - is that correct?
  3. I hope they don't get rid of fixed dining altogether as it does seem to suit some people and surely it's good to offer flexibility. We always used to choose 2nd sitting but started to select Freedom Dining which we found worked excellently on Ventura. However recently on Arcadia Freedom Dining was anything but FREEDOM. We tried going late and still had to wait and hour for a table for 4, so we tried early (6.30) but were still told we'd have to wait...apparently people start queuing at 5.30pm ready for the restaurant opening at 6pm! With Ventura having more entertainment venues I think the
  4. We have used the JustPark website on numerous occasions to park for cruises. Wouldn't want to recommend one particular person as we have used several and always been happy, plus sometimes your first choice can be already booked...we search each time and only look at spaces that have a lot of reviews to assist us with our choice. The website is great as you can see the location of the parking, type of parking, often there are photos of the space, you can narrow your search, only look at parking within a certain distance/by type of parking etc and the reviews from previous users should give you
  5. Thanks for that harley1. I have emailed them along with a couple of other tour companies to see if they can offer anything including the visas.
  6. Hi All - new to the forum and wondering whether anyone can help with a query. We are going to the Baltic this year and would like to see a top ballet when we are in St Petersburg. There's Opera on at the Mariinsky Theatre but there is classical ballet at the Mikhailovsky. We have had previous experience of a P&O trip to one of the 'tourist' ballets at Aurora Palace Theatre and do not want to repeat this. I believe there are tour companies which can arrange trips for you, but we would obviously feel more comfortable if someone has previous good experience. Can anyone recommend a compan
  7. Normally Oriana have 2 formal, 2 'smart' (jacket required for men) and 3 casual per week I think. On longer or hot cruises it may vary a little. However if you log in to your online cruise personaliser and click on the 'Full Itinerary' view, then it should give you the exact number of nights for your cruise. We go on Oriana at the end of January and our information is certainly there for that one. Hope that helps.
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