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  1. Best destinations of them all. We have done Iceland 3 times and Norway about 5 with another booked for next year. Weather can be very cold or very hot, and sometimes in between so you need to be prepared for anything at any time of the year. Best locations for me are Akureyri in Iceland and Geiranger and Flam in Norway. Whilst most ports have very good excursions the best bits, and "free", are the sail-ins down the fjords, especially if you get on deck in the very early mornings when it's quiet and everyone is still asleep. Happy to answer any specific questions. David
  2. We did this cruise in May a few years ago and as others have said it was a little cool but with the proper clothing we still spent a. Fair amount of time on deck, especially for the sail-in to Geiranger and Flam in the very early mornings. Norway is our favourite place and Eclipse our favourite ship, so I would certainly recommend this. We have travelled in the Aqua class which has all the concierge benefits plus a few more, including a separate restaurant (Blu) with lighter meals and a quieter atmosphere. That might be worth considering if you can get it without paying too much more.
  3. We were also on Celebrity in May but not as impressed as Brianl. I don't recall any signs to get to the coach and when we found it there didn't seem to be any organised queuing. Having said that it didn't take too long. I was a bit concerned for the driver who was as wide as he was tall and I thought he was going to explode when having to handle all those bags on his own.
  4. As long as you know about the charge (or have the opportunity to find out) before you book then it's fair as you will price everything in before deciding to go.
  5. Been on the Eclipse and agree with all the above. The only comment that I would make is that Qsine is better with several people in the party. We did it with 4 which was okay but I wouldn't have done it with only 2 as there is a lot of sharing. Good experience though. Have a great time.
  6. Update to my previous reply - we have just received our documents for our next trip (10th May, the one aft yours ?). They have told us the the check in is 11.00 to 3.30
  7. We have been in Aqua 3 times and soon to make it 4. I don't believe that they sell Blu as necessarily healthier, but the food is certainly lighter without the creamy and salty sauces that you get in a normal MDR. (Although I have to admit that I haven't been in Celebrity's MDR). We learned after a couple of trips that you can ask for additional items such as more veg, chips etc. As far as I am concerned the main selling point is that it is a quieter environment, and the service is very good. I had a minor disagreement with my waiter who wanted me to have the recommended main course - we co
  8. Hi Terrierian, Greetings from the north (Sheffield) Baltic in a great trip, but a busy one. Once you get across the North Sea it's one port after another with not many sea days. Not sure if you stop at Warnemunde, but it's a nice little town, as is Tallin. Oslo is very expensive so you might want to put your house on the market so you can get a coffee. Stockholm, Copenhagan and Helsinki are all compact places so if you don't want to do a tour they are good to just wander around. The highlight is St.Petersburgh, and you will presumably do the Hermitage along with thousands of others. Be p
  9. Iceland is an excellent trip. You need to the Golden Circle tour at least once, although it can be a long, tiring day. My daughter enjoyed the Blue Lagoon and we will be giving it a try this year, Akureyri is a nice little town so you don't need to do a tour if you don't want to. As with Norway, a lot of the scenery is from the ship.
  10. Hope I'm not too late replying. We have been on Eclipse 4 times and never been questioned when turning up at about 11.00, and never had to queue more than a few minutes to start the boarding process. I don't know why but Celebrity are much quicker at getting people on board (eg 2 hours for Britannia, 20 minutes for Eclipse.)
  11. Iceland and Ireland in May. Third time to Iceland. Would prefer combining it with Norway but no-one seems to run these any more. We have always booked a year in advance to get the best cabins, but might try for a last minute trip to Norway or Canaries later in the year.
  12. Does anyone know if this is just to pick up passengers to go to Norway, our will they do British Isles cruises. We have been to most of the ports that are served by the larger ships (eg Liverpool, Edinburgh etc) but I would think that these should be able to get to much smaller ports such as the Scottish islands.
  13. Do what I do - Norway in May with temperatures around 6 and you get as much space as you want !!!
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