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  1. Seems a strange time for any company not currently involved in cruising to be buying an existing brand. Even the most optimistic restart date for cruising is still several months away.
  2. A very Merry Xmas from me, and let's hope for a Happy and Lockdown free 2021.
  3. Of the experts Van Tam has so far been the one that seems to have the most sensible approach to how we should handle this pandemic, and while his 99% might be a tad too optimistic, I take him to mean that once the vulnerable are vaccinated the pressures on the NHS will ease dramatically, thus allowing enough relaxation of the rules to enable the economy to start a strong and steady improvement.
  4. Van Tam said on Wednesday that once the vulnerable and over 65s were vaccinated that should eliminate 99% of hospitalization and deaths. So the pressure on the NHS will be relieved which is the major problem we have. The 17 to 65 yr olds can then be vaccinated which hopefully will slow the infection rate down to a trickle.
  5. We are fortunate to be among the first who will receive the vaccine, or maybe not so fortunate since that probably means we have less time to enjoy its protection. With that in mind we will certainly be on our next booked cruise in July if it goes ahead as planned, even with the proposed social distancing measures and going ashore only on limited shore excursion tours.
  6. Good questions but it seems no one in the World knows the answers, not even Donald Trump.
  7. I doubt that the two main cruise forums I use will be withering and dying anytime soon OWT, in fact during this covid crisis they are more active than before and they were always far far more active than this one has ever been.
  8. I use FB but mainly for keeping tabs on close friends and family members and their photos and comments, but there are too many posters on the cruising pages to foster the same camaraderie that there is on the specialist cruise forums, so for me these forums will remain my main source of info exchange.
  9. There is a rather good community one that inherited a lot of the old P&O forum members, and of course there is always the Critic one which currently has an active P&O page, and if all else fails there's facecloth.
  10. That's why I try never to open anything on-line that looks suspicious, like you if I occasionally do open something by accident, it can lead to a flood of spam e-mails. Fortunately my Sky Yahoo account generally dumps these in the Spam folder before I see them.
  11. I am surprised that there is no check on the posted language, these things ought to be identified at source and deleted before they get as far as appearing on the forum. Most other forums I use dont appear to be affected as regularly as this one.
  12. Admin, we have another massive rash of Russian posts,
  13. It seems we have a whole load of Russian posts occurring today!!!!
  14. Sun Princess is going to Peace group in Japan.
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