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  1. I'm in total agreement re talks and lectures. P&O have really cut down on lecturers. Who is interested in a talk on colonic irrigation? I've cruised a lot with P&O and they are one of three cruise lines I sail with (P&O, Cunard & Celebrity). Cunard still have the best lectures at sea.
  2. Single cabins are depressing AND they are usually inside cabins. I've only had a single cabin - never again. It was an outside cabin and I've said this before but was no room to swing the proverbial cat in it. I also didn't save any money either.
  3. Is saving £5 pounds really worth the effort of lugging these around?
  4. If you're the slightest worried about it - change to another cabin. To avoid any noise from facilities I always try to get a cabin on a deck with cabins above and below.
  5. My advice is make your life as simple as possible. Get a credit card. Use it on holiday then stop using it until your next holiday. Use a debit card to withdraw cash in the USA. Simple.
  6. I quite agree OWT. I also think that some of the contributors to this thread must go on entirely different types of cruises to me. I haven't come across a fraction of the moans mentioned. As you say OWT - "Life's too short."
  7. Hear hear. Would you not feel a teeny weeny bit of loyalty to the country which educated you at great expense? Do you not think that people educated here should help to educate the next generation by paying taxes in this country. After all, it's this new generation who will pay the ex Pats UK state pensions into overseas bank accounts upon retirement. I'd also bet that all these ex Pat tax dodgers have the nearest British Consulate's phone number in their mobile phone. First sign of trouble and they'd be shouting for help and pushing and shoving to get on a UK paid for aeroplane
  8. I wonder if that means that Greenpeace would be happy for it to be towed to India and beached for breaking up - along with numerous other ships - and cause further pollution there. Surely they don't want to leave it where it is! It certainly won't just disappear.
  9. Harvey


    Whilst I'm always polite and courteous with the crew I come into contact with I must admit that I have no desire to become their 'friend'. I find that my fellow passengers far more interesting to chat to.
  10. Good afternoon kellyohara It's a personal choice but I always prefer going ex UK. No luggage restrictions, no hanging around airports for hours on end and to top it all - 3 or 4 lovely sea days to relax and get to know the ship. Ex UK still gives you a fantastic choice of destinations. My favourites are: Venice, Dubrovnik etc.; the Baltics; the Fjords. This still leaves the Med. with all it's wonderful cities and wonderful weather. If you like sea days then go for:- a trans-Atlantic crossing. None better than on QM2. The Caribbean - 6/7 sea days both to and fro. (The Cari
  11. Thing is - according to what! Does this mean Black Tie or clean jeans? cheers Harvey
  12. If I want to go on a particular cruise then I'll pay whatever supplement is required. The alternative is to stay at home or go on your second, third or even fourth choice of cruise. My view is that if circumstances had been different I would have been paying for two anyway. I also steer clear of single cabins - no room to swing the proverbial cat in them. You can't take it with you - spend your money - you can leave the house to the kids. cheers Harvey
  13. You got it spot on Duncan. A few free drinks, a bit of laundry or WiFi all amount to a drop in the ocean and would not entice me to use a particular cruise line. As you say - there are the few cocktail parties for higher tiers and my experience of these are nothing to rave about. I do attend some on Cunard and P&O but they don't really impress me and certainly do not entice me to book further cruises. cheers Harvey
  14. The Fjords is a wonderful cruise - wall to wall scenery all day and all night. Enjoy.
  15. For existing illnesses such as Cancer and Cardiac it's worth going online, or telephone, for a quote from 'insurancewith.com'. I use them and got their name from the Macmillan website. As an example a couple of years ago I had quotes for going on the QM2 Soton/NY/Soton of £2200 - 2500 from three companies, two wouldn't quote, and 'Insurancewith' quoted £230!!!!! I've used them ever since. cheers Harvey
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