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  1. Welcome bandit. It's a decent forum that is growing at a good speed. Best thing is it's not littered with advertising like other forums, seems to be created for the user which makes a nice change. Tom
  2. Tom Cruise


    Great stuff, my boy would have an excellent time on here! 
  3. Tom Cruise


    Wow, what a ship!
  4. Referring to the ships exterior... Ugliest Looking Cruise Ships For me ships such Thomson Celebration, Fred Olsen Black Watch, Costa neoRomantica, Swan Hellenic Minerva fall into this category. I’m pretty sure many will disagree and prefer a classic style ship. Best Looking Cruise Ships Personally I love a modern, streamline looking ship such as Carnival Breeze, Celebrity Reflection, Cunard Queen Elizabeth, Seabourn Quest. I also like the bigger ships, again many will disagree.
  5. Think all cruise lines now provide Wi-Fi, but as Duncan said it's expensive and not very reliable. When I sailed with Celebrity we had no telephone or internet connection for three days. It didn’t bother me but I know other passengers were stressing. I don't mind being cut off from the outside world while on holiday, that's what I go for
  6. I'd like to think that Royal Caribbean are next on my list. Having a young family, the gimmicks (mentioned above by LA) really appeal to me. I know others can't stand them... suppose it depends what you want from your holiday.
  7. If they're struggling to fill cabins prices will drop. Agree with Sammy and Seawitch. If it feels like a good deal book it and if it doesn't don't book it. If you want guaranteed arrangements be prepared to pay more. I'm sure I have wrote this before
  8. Tom Cruise

    IMG 2004

    Some lovely pictures here... really wish I was on holiday!
  9. Tom Cruise

    IMG 0356

    Would really like to be there right now. Looks very peaceful and warm!
  10. They claim construction is still going ahead - http://bluestarline.com.au/2013/10/6596 - a pretty big effort if it is a hoax! I would certainly sail on her. Maybe steerage class though
  11. I've seen bits of this. I do enjoy watching Brian Cox, very intelligent, but I can never get his song out of my head
  12. Would love to do Fjords cruise... but would have to be summer... brrrrrr!!!
  13. Tom Cruise


    Fred Olsen is probably not a brand I'd ever look to book but I have read many good reports.
  14. Again it’s common sense as to the info you post on a public forum, but referring to the original post of setting your location when signing up I’d try not to worry too much. Security concerns would arise if a member's personal details (email address, password, IP address) could be accessed. But even then the forum doesn’t ask for or hold any valuable info such as your real name, home address, telephone number, or more importantly bank details etc. It’s always recommended that you use a different password for forums, social networking, email, online banking etc. That way if someone cr
  15. I'm really not understanding what all the fuss is about here. You've got a username which people can see and it's common sense that you don't use your real name. Nobody can see your email or IP address, so what's the problem with setting a location, you could even put your county rather than your city. For instance, try tracking down Tom Cruise in Sheffield... you've got no chance
  16. Not sure if you receive an email or just a notification through the forum. This was mentioned on another thread and I think the outcome was that the notification options are available to edit in your profile area.
  17. Not sure why I haven't booked one already, but Royal Caribbean's Independence is the top of my wish list, right up my street!
  18. Great to see this forum growing and evolving to suit members requirements. Good work admin! Yes that should work RiverSong. Tom
  19. Just seen on Facebook that Bolsover are running a competition to win a free P&O Cruise. I've had a look but can't find any information already posted here. Unfortunately it's quite short notice and I can't make the dates, so thought I'd share with you all. Looks pretty easy to enter, have a look at their Facebook page for the details - https://www.facebook.com/BolsoverCruiseClub By the way I'm no Facebook addict, their stuff always seems to pop up when I'm online
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