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  1. Azamara Quest... nice! Never sailed with them but I get the impression it's very laid back and more relaxed than other cruise lines. The North Coast 500 looks amazing. Hopefully in 6 weeks time the weather should have picked up. How long will it take you? I'd love to do a river cruise but I think my kids would miss the beach.
  2. Don't blame you, who doesn't love the sun! I still need to do the Caribbean
  3. Over 570 days, I thought my wait was bad. Only 499 today
  4. 28 day Caribbean cruise sounds great mitch! It's fantastic that you can still get to see the world without the need to fly.
  5. Pointless then. We've never had an issue getting on or had to wait. Usually on the ship for 1pm. Not sure what time boarding starts, maybe we are just late.
  6. Wow, that's a lot of cruises booked - lucky you. We went on Ventura in 2016. What are you fancying for 2020? You could wait and book on the new P&O ship
  7. Depends how early. If it was 8am it would be like an extra day at sea. Providing that the ship's facilities are available to use and you can get food and drinks then I think it's a good idea. Expect they would want to get the previous passengers off first though. If it's only 1 or 2 hours before the normal time then there isn't much point.
  8. I agree, the new initial looks much better
  9. Just booked our holiday through Bolsover for next year, it's 500 days away! This is the longest we have ever had to wait for a holiday as we always book last minute. We do have a few other holidays planned for this year, so not too bad I suppose. How many days until your next cruise?
  10. £22 for the duration of the holiday isn't bad at all. If it was £22 a day then that would be too much!
  11. I am very unhappy at the decision to sell Adonia, as I had booked a cruise on her in July 2018. Managed to move my booking to another Ship, but I am still unhappy, as now the new booking feels like second best. I too think they should have honoured all the cruises up until the end of the 2018 brochure.  Could have been worse I suppose look at Ryan Air and Monach.


  12. You'd have thought so, especially as they have already taken her away once!
  13. Not sure Furby. I can't imagine people actually asking the staff directly what they earn, is that what you're suggesting? You wouldn't walk into a hospital and ask a nurse what he or she gets paid but that doesn't stop the media writing about it and people talking about it. Also, I'm sure cruise ship staff pay was big news a few years back and I'm sure there was a TV programme where somebody went undercover on a ship to investigate wages.
  14. Maybe they wonder what it takes to have to put up with some of the obnoxious twits you find on cruises! Think it will always be a topic of discussion, as it is with tips.
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