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  1. My house insurance was fine and charged no extra providing boiler and heating kept on constant and someone went in once every 10 days. I suggest putting all your bills and credit cards on direct debit payment. You might want to consider your daily post as to whether to get a neighbour to pick up off mat or have it help by the Post Office. Buy some larger sized clothes in the sales! Altho in 15 weeks in Aurora I only put on a stone (equals 1lb a week). How wonderful to be going on a World Cruise. I loved mine and the anticipation and planning is all part of the enjoyment!
  2. I have started using Trip Advisor for restaurant reviews (and find it quite useful in judging where to go) but i always read what is written with a pinch of salt. Some bad ones are quite laughable but then there are some that are completely over the top. I think like with everything - just make up your own mind and ignore the very good reviews as well as the very bad. The often generic replies from the establishment concerned generally do not sit well with me.
  3. I have booked with Bolsover since about 1992. They have never let me down and i will continue to book with them as they are always efficient with excellent customer service skills.
  4. I have also had this call (think it was an 01631 number). I phoned BT 15 mins later and they confirmed it was a scam. It was an automated call with the "press one" to stop internet from being disconnected. I also reported it on the "who called me" website which is useful for checking numbers.
  5. The same for me too. April being the most recent "unread" content - which it isn't!!.
  6. Gill57


    No rain for weeks, grass is brown and like hay (which the dog delights in bringing into the lounge) but on the plus side no mowing of hay is required.
  7. My first cruise was on P&O's Sea Princess (which later became Victoria) in 1992. I seem to recall Ian Fraser was the Cruise Director. It was booked through Bolsover - they and the ship were recommended to us. It was to be a one off experience - 26 years later and i am still cruising with P&O and still booking through Bolsover!!!
  8. I agree. For me this is great news. But i do feel sorry for families who now only have the option of one of the larger ships.
  9. Thank you June - I have also been keeping an eye on the Alta webcam. I am on cruise critic (Angel57) but hadn't spotted this thread so will go onto the thread from the link given and add my name. Look forward to hopefully meeting you all on board.
  10. Thanks for this post June63 - I will aim to join you all.
  11. Yep - will second that. Many congratulations.
  12. I am on this cruise and the tours are indeed very expensive. I have bought some thermals and will be layering up. Not got shoes/boots yet but have purchased two walking poles to try and keep me keep me upright!!
  13. Really pleased to hear this as I am sailing on her soon.
  14. Really pleased to hear that Bolsover have been helpful and have the staff in to cover these questions. I hope the issue is resolved quickly for you.
  15. I do not think I have had a duplicate payment processed (paid by debit card in Feb to Bolsover) but this whole debacle has made me reconsider how I pay for any future cruises. I have been booking cruises with Bolsover since 1992 and have always been 100% satisfied, but I do agree that it is disappointing that there has been no statement from them on this forum.
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