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  1. I definitely think this is a good/positive move - at least we all know where we stand and its taken care of. Oh, and no weaving in and out of the huge queue of folk at the reception desk either!
  2. I prefer freedom dining - for the flexibility and you get to meet different people aswell.
  3. I went on Oceana for the first time end of September last year. We really enjoyed it - this was before the refurbishment aswell. We found the ship to be a nice size - we didn't find it to be small at all - there was plenty of space and venues. The cabin felt a little dated but it was generally clean and tidy so didn't affect our holiday enjoyment at all. I would definitely go on her again!!
  4. He's been on the TV for years now doing the Hootmaney on NYE
  5. I'm not glued to my phone while I'm on holiday - its just important isn't it to keep in contact with family etc. Some of the charges certain cruise lines make is daylight robbery!!
  6. This is a nice touch by Silversea. I know they’ve offered it before on a short-term offer basis to encourage people to book but now it’s no longer an incentive and now a long-term reality. I think this is great. It’s about time more cruise lines offered it in the modern day world. I know a lot of people go on holiday to get away from it all and the last thing they want to do is go online so I’ll probably be hammered for this but I think it’s brilliant. I hate not being able to access the internet at sea, it’s a pain given such technology at our fingertips these days. Even more frustrating i
  7. I've been a bit disappointed with British Airways in the past - some of the charter flights like TUI put them to shame.
  8. Thanks for the info! Really helpful!
  9. Having previously experienced two of the larger P&O ships, I was looking forward to experience one of the mid-size ships to compare. I had heard very mixed reviews about Oceana including comments that she was looking tired and was in need of some TLC, and then more positive comments that she still had an attractive appeal and beautiful atrium. I know you can't please everyone all of the time and I believe you have to go on holiday with an open mind and experience things for yourself. After a very early start, we had a 2 hour delay and 3 hour flight from Manchester. We arrived in Mal
  10. That topic again and the grey area of cruising - GRATUITIES - i've generally left gratuities on the onboard account. If I was to remove or reduce them on my future cruises would I be made to feel cheap and would the service I receive change. Any views/experiences?
  11. Ive heard about these watch keys - there's always someone trying to come up with the newest gadget and lead the way. I suppose it would eleviate having to find your key card all the time!
  12. As far as i'm aware the cruises are still going to operate - they may change some of the ports of call where the hurricane has severely damaged the destination. Im sure they will make a decision soon!
  13. Yes take your etickets with you to present at check-in. Im sure they would still let you on the cruise without them as youll have your passports but better to take to speed up the process.
  14. I would always prefer a balcony if it was within my budget for a number of reasons - a bit of sunbathing,drying off after a shower,having a few drinks in an evening watching the world go by. If it was more colder climates then again would still prefer a balcony for photo opportunites/getting a bit of fresh air.
  15. Hi - I'm going on Oceana myself in September but on a different itinerary. I have worked in Greece before having lived in Mykonos and visiting Athens on numerous occasions. Mykonos is a beautiful small island with white sugar cubed buildings & windmills - the town has many narrow cobbled streets with little shops/bars or you could sit in a cafe on the seafront. There are numerous nice beaches - Paradise,Super Paradise,Plati Yalos. You should really try to get to the Acropolis in Athens to see the Parthenon. Also Plaka is one of the main shopping districts there. Enjoy!
  16. I would recommend MSC - I went on the Fantasia in Barcelona. It was several years ago now though but the ship was lovely. There was a mixture of nationalities onboard. The food,service and atmosphere was all good. I know they do offer very good prices and 3/4th passengers are normally very cheap. The drinks packages are good value for money also. I would give it a go.
  17. I always do my comparison for insurance online too. Its just really convenient & easy to do. It is sad about people losing their jobs and shops shutting down but that's the way its going since the internet. I do still like to see people face to face though for certain things I purchase especially if I'm looking for more expertise.
  18. nikos

    Line Of Duty

    I thinks its a great programme - love the cliff hangers they have at the end - (well most weeks - especially when she woke up when the guy was about to cut her in half!!)
  19. 200 cruises!! WOW! They must be retired surely!? The most i've down are 3 with one cruise line - P&O. I'm in my mid thirties.
  20. Hi - yes in my experience some cruise lines offer day visits where they will often include a gala lunch and tour of the ship - P&O do for sure!
  21. It works the same as with P&O - you pay a future cruise deposit down payment onboard then generally have about a year to book a cruise with them & you will get extra oboard spending money!
  22. I think if you've got about 6 hours then that's enough time for you to do a bit of exploring in Paris and get a good insight. Especially if you've not been before then I would suggest you go. I've not done the train though we went on an excursion through the cruise line.
  23. Yes i've heard that gratuities/service charges are now included with NCL under their latest promo - so the song money for nothing and your 'tips' for free come to mind!
  24. I couldn't believe how the man was dragged from his seat and down the aisle! It's tarnished the airlines reputation and their share price has taken a dive. Over bookings are quite a common practise i think - not just with airlines but hotel rooms too. They shouldn't be allowed to do it. It's poor customer service - putting profits first. The Airplane movie clip you mention did make me laugh though! The only way is up i suppose for United Airlines - or should I say OFF!!
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