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  1. US Dollar is the best, a lot of islands use eastern caribbean dollar but it is a lot more complicated.
  2. I watched it the other night. Not the best film ever but not the worst either, worth watching if you spend hours scrolling through Netflix to find something like I do 🤣
  3. Drinks packages are 100% worth it I think! the packages start from $40pp per day which is good value to say that glasses of wine, spirits and cocktails start from $9 per glass + an 18% gratuity. A no brainer in my eyes!
  4. Try to be honest wherever I can so... I don't like it bit of a let down to be honest.
  5. Been on Harmony and Allure of the Seas which are both the same as Symphony and they are all great! Never queued for anything which was surprising to say how big the ships are. And the ship doesnt take 8000 passengers, that would mean that almost every cabin on the ship would have to take at least 3 or 4 people which they dont.
  6. I did this on Britannia a couple of years ago, the people booked on excursions all had pre allocated tender times, for those just getting off the ship and doing there own thing we were seperated into groups and sat and waited in the theatre until our group was called. Was really quick and easy.
  7. You can only gain points with Princess by travelling on a cruise as far as I'm aware.
  8. Out of all the cruises i've been on, P&O and other lines, P&O seem to be full of the moaners! Must have nothing better to do then be grumpy all the time haha!
  9. Really don't understand it when that many people moan about P&O but keep booking more cruises with them? Can't be that bad then can they. If they are that bad why not pick another cruise line?
  10. Sindhu, 100% book this best restaurant on board in my opinion. The glass house is also lovely and they do good tasting menus and tapas style dishes. We always go in the beach house on every cruise, well worth it and the food is brill, on Britannia you can sit outside at the beach house, weather permitting. We haven't used the limelight club or epicurean but from what ive heard they are also really good!
  11. Apparently it will only be a certain % of the sunbeds that will be able to be reserved, leaving the rest free for anyone to use.
  12. Unfortunately it is your responsilibity to advise your travel agent or P&O direct if you dont want to be on the complimentary upgrade list, and i agree with sinbad10 things like this are always better dealt with when booking with a specialist travel agent like Bolsover, whenever i book a cruise with them they always ask me if i would like to be on the list or not.
  13. Exactly, a friend of mine used to work as a travel agent and has told me all about it and some of the things she told me would completely put me off working in that industry if that was what i was looking to do! I think people assume the agents earn a large amount on their bookings but actually it works out to be very little to what they imagine.
  14. Yeah so travel weekly a news page, personally i dont think it has anything to do with us what our travel agents get. Is it really fair to punish the agent for something out of their hands?
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