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  1. owww I love a guy in shorts, especially when they have good calves! I love my hubby wearing his
  2. Nope no limits to the amounts of drinks you can have each day or time between drinks!
  3. Monica

    Queen Mary 2

    Ye you've done the right thing don't worry, it's all something new at least!
  4. Monica

    Fourth Cruise.

    Yes definitely layers and a waterproof jacket. plus some good walking boots!
  5. I'd defiantly upgrade to the classic drinks package as that is really good. With regards to the premium one it just depends if you want to drink in the martini bar and have a few extras such as champagne. You can always look at the list on board and decide on there.
  6. I was flying to Sri Lanka to do some volunteer work after the tsunami. My Mum has always been very supportive of my travels but this time she had expressed her concerns and made me research on the Tamil Tigers (For those who aren't aware who these are, these are a terrorist group in northern Sri Lanka. But me being me I still went ahead and booked flights there! We were almost there and the captain said 'we are making a diversion to another airport as the Tamil Tigers have taken over the airport' My mum's words were ringing in my head at this point! Myself and my friend looked at each oth
  7. watch out for hippos!!
  8. argh sounds a lovely itinerary!
  9. Yep! It's happened to me quite a few times whilst I was backpacking around the world! The first time it happened to me my friend and I had flown from a rainy New York to Memphis where they were experiencing a heat wave! We had to wait over 24 hours for our luggage to arrive with only jeans and a top to our name and it was boiling outside! Another time was when I flew from Seattle to Las Vegas. This time I had travelled in a dress and so as soon as we got to Vegas we just went straight out and got drunk! Then when we got back to our hotel our backpacks were waiting for us :-) So that wasn't
  10. This is great to see, thank you... Before now I would have never thought to book an obstructed balcony and would have opted for the clear views. Having seen this I will certainly consider an obstrusted view balcony in the future
  11. When we sailed from Harwich we stayed the night beofre in Harwich in a hotel and then drove to the port in the morning and parked next to the ship just like you do in Southampton.
  12. Of the speciality restaurants whilst we were on Anthem we ate in Chops Grille a couple of times, Jamies Italian and Wonderland. I would have usually eaten in Izumi too as sushi is my favourite food but I was pregnant whilst on board and so it killed me every time I walked past that I couldnt have any!! So go there and let me know what it's like!! I have eaten in Chops Grille a few times and it was just as good as it usually is but I would still say you have to try Wonderland, it's a great experience!
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