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  1. Welcome to the forum another good addition to the site
  2. Joshconlon24


    great pics guys look great 100% on my bucket list to
  3. thank you for the information everyone Northern star the last cruise company i would of thought of would of been holland america that is really good to know. The Americans always go all out when they do something dont they. this has been really helpfull what a pleasent forum this is.
  4. hello i am looking to go away for xmas on a cruise with the family has anyone been before ? what ships are good for families over the xmas period ?
  5. WELCOME TO THE FORUM have you been on any other cruises ? where has everyone been cruising to this summer or cruising to this year?
  6. thank you for the detailed reply Keith. that has sold it for me then. I love Las Vegas and there style of shows so if they live up to the actual then even better. I would like the modern style the ship has. glad you had a great time are you going back on the Epic in the near furture ? the varity of places to eat and drink would really appeal to me to.
  7. Hello has anyone ever cruised on the NCL Epic? I was watching the programme undercover boss USA online last night and it was Set on the Epic, it looked really good fun and of decent quality.??
  8. what part of Cyprus are you based maggie? west cost ? Cyprus is one of my fav destinations the Cypriots are so friendly.
  9. is it that is great to know. the intinerary is looks good to be fair , rome , barcelona e.t.c are you i bet you cant wait have you been on the Azura before ?
  10. really thinking about going away for xmas this year after seeing a few late deals from cunard has anyone ever been on Queen Elizabeth before ? and or at xmas?
  11. great information regarding the NCL spirit i will be sure to look out if i ever go on . you cant beat a good steak either the Americans do great steak. glad to see people are enjoying the sunshine i am looking into P and O NCL at the moment to see what is available. great pic from Cyprus to
  12. i hope you all have a great time when you are away the Azura seems a popular choice. you cant beat comming back with a tan when everyone else is still pale. I do fancy trying out an NCL they look like alot of fun
  13. These dark nights are making me want to get a away for a few weeks in the sun is anyone else feeling the same? Has anyone been away this time of year before on a cruise ?
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