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    Furby got a reaction from Davybe in What's with the silly pop up???   
    i never get a pop up on the forum, check your device security setting make to make sure everything is working as it should. what is the pop up?
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    Furby reacted to jinky in HAL Alaskan Cruise   
    Had been on my list some years and so glad¬† I made it there. Thanks for your kind comments. I ordered a 140 page photobook before I left the UK for the trip on a Groupon deal. Whilst there I wondered if I would get enough photos to fill it. I reckoned I needed around 250-275 decent ones for a book. Shouldn`t have worried . I ended up with over 2000 pictures and after culling and editing still had more than enough to get them in. Should be here in the next week or so so hope they haven`t made a mess of the printing. Photobooks and videos are great ways of keeping the holiday alive as when the pictures sit on your hard drive they are rarely seen. I look forward to boring friends with the book ūüėČ
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    Furby got a reaction from *Dancing Queen* in HAL Alaskan Cruise   
    its on my very long bucket list
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    Furby reacted to KeithnRita in Photos of Panama Canal Sept 2018   
    Our 10 day Journey Cruise on the Carnival Fantasy Sept 17 to 27, 2018 included passage thru the canal into the lake for about 3 hours and then back thru.

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    Furby reacted to *Dancing Queen* in HAL Alaskan Cruise   
    Indeed Furby, the photos have brought back many special memories of our time in Alaska and Canada, it has to be in the 'top three' of the most beautiful place we have ever visited.
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    Furby reacted to jinky in HAL Alaskan Cruise   
    Got back from this cruise and a stay in Vancouver recently. Fantastic time. Holland America Line have to be my favourite line ion terms of service and food. Was only bettered by a luxurious river cruise with Uniworld in our experience of sailing with P&O, Royal Caribbean and HAL once before. As for the venues themselves it was stunning and the memory of floating quietly in Glacier Bay watching the ice calve will stay with me for many years.

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    Furby reacted to sinbad10 in what will you miss whilst on your cruise-foodwise   
    cheese on toast.
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    Furby reacted to afcandrew in Is it me?   
    I feel it is actually more of a mindset these days than anything else.  More & more people are using electronic devices to carry out simple tasks and run their lives.  They then just stop thinking things through as it is second nature to let the device do the work!  That young woman was probably quite capable of multiplying 19 x 2 but I suspect it did not remotely enter her head to even think about it as the computerised till always does it for her (or when not at work a calculator on her phone or a computer...).
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    Furby reacted to HLM in Is it me?   
    Obviously some people have never heard of number dyslexia, should anyone really be labelling people as thick just because they couldn't add up. 
    I know of two very successful doctors (brother & sister) the sister is dyslexic and the brother wouldn't know what end of a hammer to hold, but they both now have very successful careers, she's a GP in London and he's an A&E doctor, not bad hey.
    It pays not to judge sometimes!!
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    Furby reacted to mitch in Packing why is it so stressful   
    the wife died in 2003, she always left everything in piles for me to pack as i was so much better at getting the most into a suitcase. especially around all those bloomin shoes lol.
    now its just a pair of pool shoes a pair of trainers and a pair of dress shoes. so much easier lol. mind i would give anything to have to be messing with 12 pairs of shoes again next month.
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    Furby reacted to 2torts in Flags   
    It's the last night of the proms & I'm sitting here surrounded by the 17 flags that I've accumulated from the great British sail aways¬†over the years. ¬†I knew they would come in useful for something.ūüéľūüõ≥ūüėÄ
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    Furby reacted to iknowlescourier in P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!   
    We were on Symphony of the Seas earlier this year and never felt overcrowded, so I’m sure Iona will be fine for us.
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    Furby reacted to afcandrew in P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!   
    LNG power is still pretty new and I understand that out of 73 cruise ships currently on order, only 13 will be LNG.  Obviously, there will also be other (non-passenger) LNG vessels in the pipeline.
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    Furby reacted to towny44 in P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!   
    There is speculation on other forums that current lack of LNG infrastructure is limiting the areas Iona can presently sail.  Which might mean it won't be doing the Caribbean, just yet.
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    Furby reacted to Jenjen in Abu Dhabi & Dubai   
    Not because of the photos but have just booked Dubai, and suez canal and fly back from Malta on Oceana for March 2020.
    have wanted to the Middle East for a while and it’s a good price, with only 5% deposit well done Zoe at Bolsover
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    Furby reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Is It A Bribe or a Tip?   
    In reality, does it really matter. Surely it is up to the individual what they do and nothing to do with anyone else. Personally I  go on holiday to relax, chill out, enjoy myself, not worry about if someone is giving a tip to anyone. However, as always, just my opinion.
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    Furby got a reaction from HALaP&O in Virgin Voyages Choose Scarlet Lady As The Name For Their New Ship   
    i agree, im not overly keen, but i think its going to fit in with how virgin are going to try and promote the cruises, i read somthing along the lines of 'if you dont want to have fun dont book with us' not sure of the exact wording but i dont think they will be coming and where near a classic cruising style, starting with the name
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    Furby reacted to Jenjen in P&O's new drink packages?   
    This is not about how or when, or were you eat that has no connection to a drinks package, how
    people spend the time on a cruise is up to them we are all on holiday, and enjoy different things, what is wrong with going back to the shipfor lunch, you may have had enough walking around, or staying in the port having lunch, whatever makes you happy.
    some people a drinks package is worth the money, to others it’s not worth it simple, get it or don’t 
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    Furby reacted to Mayway in Hygiene   
    Well I can honestly say that some of the comments on this thread have made me laugh out loud - absolutely hilarious.   Thanks a lot folks, you've really cheered me up.
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    Furby reacted to iknowlescourier in Southampton Car Parking   
    Penguin Parking have been good for us. The shuttle buses are frequent, but on disembarkation they are not allowed to wait ship side so you have to give them a call, but usually there is a shuttle waiting for calls just outside the port so you don't have to wait long. Prices are reasonable. When we had to cancel a cruise short notice last year due to an illness Penguin Parking let us transfer the full cost to a future cruise we had booked. Also past users can get a 5% discount off their prices.
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    Furby reacted to Countrygirl in Southampton Car Parking   
    We always use CPS, I would rather pay a little extra for the convenience,on our last cruise we were able to disembark sooner than had been planned. We were leaving the car park at 08.15. If we had used another parking service we would not have had such an easy departure. Penguin parking is based in Marchwood across the water from the port but a good 20-30mins drive on a good day
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    Furby reacted to Jenjen in Southampton Car Parking   
    Not used them ourselves, but when we looked the holiday inn park and stay came up very good value, and our friends canseled there parking, and also staying at the holiday inn cruise and stay package.
    good luck finding a good deal.
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    Furby reacted to 2torts in Southampton Car Parking   
    Sorry Furby we've never used them but we can recommend Parking4 cruises.
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    Furby got a reaction from Bumble Bee in All Freedom Dining on Iona   
    i really can not wait for this ship, will be booking in september hopefully for my 30th in 2020 nothing like planning ahead
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    Furby reacted to Oldworldtraveller in All Freedom Dining on Iona   
    Love it or hate it I genuinely believe the days of dressing up are disappearing as fast as snow in August. Yes, there are the hardcore who like dressing up but they are very much in a minority and I say that from spending a lot of time on ships belonging to different cruise companies. Cruising to many is nothing special,  just another holiday and they want to relax. To some it is a drop in standards whilst to others dressing up on holiday is the last thing they want to do. Last evening I was at a travel awards ceremony and had the opportunity to speak with many in the travel industry and whilst they agree there is a market for 'Formal Night' they also acknowledge casual is the way forward. I know some will disagree but you only have to look at how things have changed in the last 10 years and the number of top cruise lines who have relaxed the dress code. If relaxation wasn't needed, they wouldn't have done it, they have gone with the majority view. As always, just my opinion.