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  1. i never get a pop up on the forum, check your device security setting make to make sure everything is working as it should. what is the pop up?
  2. P&O dont offer back to back discounts on their dubai or malta sailings, most other sailings over 4 or 5 nights on a select fare they do offer back to back discount https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/before-you-sail/b2b_discount September 2018 to October 2020 Take two or more consecutive cruises to enjoy an extended holiday and we will give you a 10% reduction on the combined adult price. This saving does not apply to World Cruises, Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys, Exotic fly-cruises, 7 night Mediterranean Fly cruises, Dubai & Arabian Gulf Fly cruises, or
  3. i have been on a few cruises at this age and just asked for a 18+ meet, they did hosted and unhosted and put them in then daily paper, just ask any of the entertainment crew
  4. this is such a sad situation, they have said they have abandoned the search for him
  5. its on my very long bucket list
  6. amazing photos what a beautiful place!
  7. We are taking US dollars when we go in december
  8. they will be american i believe, think they have usb sockets for phones. not sure about the hairdryer power, my straightners have alsways worked on the adapter
  9. sometimes, normally by about day 9, we just cant face another 5 course meal, so a relaxed mixed selection in the buffet is a nice break, thats why we would somtimes chose buffet over mdr. i dont think the buffet is a bad place to eat, better views up there normally than the mdr also on queen mary the buffet was the best ive ever experienced so wouldnt hesitate eating in there, mainly for the flexibility too as cunard dont have freedom dining.
  10. Just be careful if you do connect to maritime to turn data roaming off and just have it as calls and text, its data roaming that racks up the bill as its using it in the back ground.
  11. this is interesting, but there are many new ships being built that are going to be using lng so surley the infrastructure has to be able to keep up with the demand?
  12. That time of year again, had the email from Bolsover about the sale dates for 2020, in September as expected. But not expected, Iona doing her maiden season in the Fjords? What do we think about that?
  13. it all came up as one with the p&o reference, daft question but are you definately on jet2 both ways? as sometimes you can come back on a different airline?
  14. i did last year, it came available 60 days before we went
  15. sign out sign back in? recent topics are also on the right of the main page
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