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  1. Home Alone has got to be the best! Ya Filthy Animals!
  2. Lovely. I went to see the poppys at London Tower this weekend. AMAZING!
  3. Love concerts and festivals too, I have seen the Courteeners & Kasabian both amazing, bet you cant wait Riversong. Also love getting my Wellies on and going for walkies with my pooch. & Snowboarding in the winter, sunbathing in the summer!
  4. Love im a Celeb, wouldnt be the same without Ant & Dec though
  5. What did the Lion King tell Simba when he was walking too slow?.... Mufassa!
  6. Rum+Sun


    Only ever won one prize a 'T shirt' i won this at the begining of the year. Funny thing is i still havnt recieved it!!
  7. I think they do this everywhere nowdays even in regular resort hotels. No getting away from a camera! Anyone would think i look like Cameron Diaz the way they snap!!
  8. I like Rum and i like Sun! My two favorite things!!
  9. I like a snowy Christmas Doughy Head so cant help! Would try an Alaska cruise or somewhere cold, i couldnt imagine getting into the Christmas spirt if i was somewhere like the caribbean!
  10. I wouldnt bother it includes a lot of good brands, and if you drink wine just order by the glass and not the bottle!
  11. Bring Brucie back Bring Brucie back!!
  12. Rum+Sun


    Also thought Sheridan Smith was faband great singing voice. It did put me of Cilla Black tho, thought she was a bit of a spoilt diva. Especially when Bobby could have gone further with his career and he turned it down because of her!
  13. ........? C'mon Richard no need for the secrets.. share
  14. Imagine how much shopping i could do in New york to bring back home with no luggage allownence!!! Will be speaking with my partner about getting time off work for this!!! Do i do a pre Christmas and get other people presents or after Christmas and spend all money money on me! hmmmmm
  15. Rum+Sun


    Well what did you expect in ingoldmells Rickymayo? ( not slaggin inglodmells off btw i used to go when i was a nipper) But an Elvis tribute i can only imagine!!
  16. Wow Solent Richard you have been busy! A very good read!!
  17. I know what you mean, i have to try a dress on before also they never look the same on a screen to real life. Have you tried coast?
  18. Welcome margaret. The Ventura is my favorite out of the P&O fleet. Cant go wrong with that itinerary either! Are you doing a 7 night or 14night?
  19. I dont mind what deck i am i go for the best deal. Although my dad... a true sailor, who when he was fit enough used to sail his little yacht around the world. He always wants to be a low as possible!!
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