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  1. I think an all inclusive drinks package would be fab! Although i bet theres some that will take advantage
  2. Would love to sit and have a cocktail with Del boy - talking about uncle Alberts adventures when he was at sea
  3. Calling Solent Richard or any other cunard expert! My Friend is going on the Queen Victoria this weekend - she is a single lady, do you know if they have 'single meetings' not speed dating just single gatherings, Solent Richard - i know your happily married but thought you might be able to shed some light? Thanks
  4. I Understand there are other travel agents Jaguar01, as i do not join in other forums im not too upto date with them, i just thought this forum was Bolsover Customers - as its the 'Bolsover Cruise Club forum'.
  5. What an awful thing to happen, its bad enough stealing but to rip it off your neck, thats another level of evil!
  6. Who do you book with jaguar? I always book with Bolsover, thats how i found about this forum, i thought everyone booked with them!!
  7. Yes thats the one Cast ashore- it just looks fab
  8. Has anyone been on the African River Cruise? I have had a brochure from AMA Waterways and it looks stunning, includes rails journeys and Safaris. I knew it would not be cheap but by the looks of it comming in around £8000pp. Does anyone know of any cheaper options same sort of itinerary? Thanks
  9. Think the drivers still got sea les! haha
  10. Thanks Cast ashore!! will have a good read now!
  11. Going to America for the 1st time in October - will be visiting Nashville! I cant wait. Also going to San Fran, LA, Las Vegas, Memphis, Gatlinburg & New York Any tips on what i cant miss in any of these place would be great?!? Happy 4th July!
  12. Amazing Pictures Solent Richard! You do get around
  13. Lets hope a ' fake val ' doesnt wind him on on the email address he provided!
  14. I had this text too. Amazing offer, if i wasnt already away on thoses dates it would have been a go ' er!!
  15. I know on the Azura the Deluxe balconies are much bigger with a sitting area, the actual balconys are also bigger but these are over looked by the deck above.. So make sure you dont walk out comando!! This is just from my experience anyway!!
  16. Hi does anyone know if the larger P&O ships mainly the Britannia if they have an Adults only area/ pool? Having only been on the Royal Caribbean, i know they do have the adults only pool to chill when youve seen enough of the kids, thinking of testing out the new britannia but dont want to be swamped with children. Thanks
  17. I went on a viking river cruise back in Novemeber, i wasnt that excited before hand as i was going with family who wanted to go and i just tagged along! As soon as i got on board i absolutly loved every second of it, we managed to do and see so much in a week. so now im thinking of doing another and i have seen the AMA waterways company advertising Africa River cruises these do look amazing and expensive, does anyone know if Viking do the africa cruises? Thanks
  18. Happy Birthday to youuuu Happy Birthday to youuu Happy Birthday Dear Queen V Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!!
  19. love the Old Suitcase Travel JournalMay have to purchase for myself not as a gift!!
  20. way too many bath products - think people are trying to tell me something
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