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  1. Wow look great fun, although would you have to get in the 'normal' lift wet through to go back up to the pool?
  2. Wow i think it looks amazing - from what i know about Hurtigruten looking at a few pictures i would have never gone on- they looked so old, but looking at these and with the itineries i think theyve done a fab job - would deffinalty give them a try!
  3. I have not yet started my Christmas shopping, not bought cards yet either. Although the tree is up!! Im hoping to get all presents bought and wrapped this weekend!! Hopefully.. it will work out as planned
  4. Having just come back from Nashville - driving through the Smokeys on the radio all the time was - Chris Janson - Buy me a boat.
  5. Hope you had a lovely Birthday! Very nice of them to send a card! i wonder if i get one
  6. I have never heard of this Honey73 so cannot help, would be interested to know about it if you find out!
  7. Your all on the ball this morning - i have not done a thing yet - best catch up with you all this afternoon!
  8. I have had this leaflet in the post, on the one i have it has just got the one for P&O Princess and Cunard - is there any Royal Caribbean Black friday offers comming out?
  9. I wouldnt say it is a problem if the price is a lot cheaper!!
  10. I havnt been on but just had a quick look for you, i think it is the Gangway that obstructs the view down to the water. Hope this helps
  11. I have also looked for them and cannot find them
  12. Germay, ive been to a few different places for Xmas Markets - Amazing! Try a River Cruise down the Danube begining of December!
  13. Although Olly is very nice on the eyes & im sure the males out there dont mind Caroline. But i do agree, id much rather have an ANT & Dec sandwhich LOL!
  14. Is it just the tranastlantic at this price or do you know if they have good prices on the Barbados - Barbados?
  15. Thanks little Mermaid, gutted i didnt know before would love to give it go!
  16. Looks fab! Would love to go on, is it sailing from Southampton?
  17. Yes like Dubai - i think the same company - it looks Amzazing!!
  18. WOW cant wait for some summer lovin
  19. Glad you had a good time ALI 05. Why would you rate higher than Anthem, i am looking at both for next year too and cant decided?!?
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