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  1. I would love to go on Harmony but i already has something booked before this came to light. Gutted! Hopefully next year!
  2. Its such a shame but i understand they dont want to spoil the islands, everyone wants to go to the beautiful places.
  3. Matching the hair colour of my friend Mike - the top customer of Fred Olsen!
  4. I agree sad for the family on the other hand it is their responsibilty and they should read their paper work.... Americas rules... Im sure our country would be a lot better off if we made the same rules!
  5. I know Russians do like Dollers but never been so i wouldnt be able to help. Whilst on the subject what currecy would i be able to use in Norway would it just be the Norweign Krone or would they take anything else? Thanks
  6. I think the MSC Seaside looks like its going to be lovely, especially with the panoramic lifts at the back of the Ship. But no.. Better looking ships are not always the best on the inside & lets face it - you dont look at the outside when youve paid all that money to go on! All the other people who are not on the ship, who havent paid all that money get to look at the exteria free of charge!!
  7. WOW Cruise Chef ive only managed to read half of this as im at work and shouldnt be on here! So will come back to finish the read off - good so far! Wish i had your job to be able to write / read an essay that big - thats me assuming you're at work! Thanks so Far will let you know when im able to finish the read off! When i get a moment!!
  8. Does anyone have any advise.. I am wanting to go canoeing in Geiranger i know they have a lot doing the seven sisters waterfalls etc. To book my shore excursion with P&O it would cost around £60pp, has anyone been and know if i can get off the ship and get a cheaper price and what availibily for this would be like, do they have a lot of companies etc? Thanks
  9. A lot of people put tissue paper inbetween every item of clothing to stop it creasing, ive not got the patience with that i just chuck it in!
  10. Doratheexplorer With that backpack im sure your more than brave enough!
  11. If you use Holidays Extras to look at prices for hotels and Car parking - they do a Mystery Hotel - you dont know what hotel it is - minium of a 4* and no longer than 15mins shuttle bus - this is usually cheapest! It will be around £50 cheaper than booking the hotel direct & parking. Give it a try whats the worst that can happen?!
  12. I Have not been on the Ocean Cruise, having been on the Viking River cruises though i would imagine they are amazing - i have looked at photos and some blogs would love to go on an Ocean cruise with them.
  13. Definately wouldnt pay for a brochure, we would then be paying them to advertise! You dont pay to go into a clothes shop and look a top, its the same thing to look before you buy surely!
  14. Love the look of the New Orleans to Nashville on the Mississippi
  15. I will be watching although i hope its not like the previous one! CRINGE!
  16. Im also on this cruise and gutted about missing Flam, but at least we have found out now and can make other arrangments and look into Olden rather than them just telling us when we are on board. But yes i agree that they shouldnt still be advertising it as Flam!
  17. Hope you bought a few bottles of that Rum home with you!
  18. Wow the infinity pool looks Amazing!! Good weather too! Was the pool heated?
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