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  1. Would love to go to Alaksa! Afica Australia Antartica there just the ones starting with A.. i would be here all day if i was to list them all!
  2. Adam / Scarlett i think will win, but i do like Joel and think hes done really well!
  3. we didnt pre book seats but still got seats together. All window seats do get pre booked very early, For an extra £80 round trip for the two of us - imagine how much Rum you could drink for that in the Caribbean PLUS after 2 weeks together i think id be happy sat at the other end of the plane!
  4. Im always rushing so never have time to TeaCup it!
  5. I agree i do hope they put a promenade deck, would like to see a big open WOW atrium too
  6. You can get the cabin number any time up to departure but usually when you get your Etickets about 2 weeks before they are usually allocted then
  7. Oh i do hope he gets in touch, could be the love of his life! I can see this turning into a film!
  8. Hopefully with how many crossings she has done and they was she is built you should be fine all year, like tinkerbell says.. if you get bad weather who knows. Fingers crossed for you the weather should be fine, if it is bad ive heard there is a new commadore cocktail menu! i know what i would be doing if its a bit rocky!
  9. I think its very good that you are so protective over the forum and of Bolsover! But.... Also very daunting to new members. Entertaining none the less. I do think if the above post was posted by a long standing member we would have had a good laugh about it. People do need to have something to say to join the forum - whether it be moaning, boasting, praising etc - ITS ALL CRUISE.... let it be.. enjoy
  10. Sounds a really good deal, these things always come available when i cant get the time off work! Did you find out who the flights are with Kerry304? Wonder what the supplement is from another airport?
  11. Glad we're still friends Terminator!
  12. In my opinion Terminator needs Terminating!
  13. I think Terminator wants the forum to himself. #lonewolfforum
  14. Already on the Britannia that weekend Would have really liked to try the Eclipse! Oh well will have to book a longer one on her instead
  15. Its true book in advance!! The tickets sell out months in advance. I had to que at 6am in the morning for a good hour as that is the only time they release tickets for the first tour over there. If i was to know this before hand i would have booked for the night tour as that looks spoooky! Sammy Sun we did a simliar thing Started in San Fran and drove the Big Sur down to LA - Las Vegas! Best thing ive ever done!
  16. Looks good with all the new gadgets and the beauty of Italy
  17. Rum+Sun


    Gutted im not going, have been going for the last few years, going to be depressed this weekend!
  18. Im sure Fred Olsen usually do the Rio Carnival
  19. Hi, I Have been on a viking River Cruise and had an amazing time, would love to try an Ocean Cruise it looks fab! Where abouts did you go?
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