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  1. Teachers deserve every holiday they get.
  2. If you decide to take up the Castell de Bellver challenge I do hope you are young, fit and trim although if a 60+ rather o/weight woman can manage it - no not me but I know a man who does know one then I'm sure it will be a doddle for you.
  3. It hasn't been part of the De Vere group for a while Eyes 12, we stayed there recently though and it is still very nice.
  4. I'm on this ship early next year so it's good to read positive comments.
  5. I'm always excited Captain K when I know we will have friends on board, six of us booked this one when it first came on sale.
  6. Hardly surprising as this post didn’t suggest you would be on the same voyage. Solent Richard Members 2289 posts Quarter Master LocationLee on the Solent, Hampshire Last active: Yesterday, 12:29 PM Joined: 08 Oct 2013 My favourite ship. Bon Voyage. I'll give you a wave. #21 - Posted 01 July 2015 - 07:07 AM It did not take long to realise you were, your presence could not be missed. Managed to refrain from introducing myself as I did not want to take the risk of having my face appearing on your blog as others have done without their permission. Still, moving
  7. Very wise to bow out gracefully when losing the battle oops I meant debate
  8. Hardly 16,477 active members, my own opinion is that it isn’t a very well regulated site at all otherwise such notices would not be necessary for a prolonged length of time, there will always be one or two bad apples but this site seems to get more than it’s fair share I wonder why that is, not that I’m really interested as I said I have found much of the information to be inaccurate so only pop in there occasionally. I much prefer this forum which imo is well moderated, informative and interesting, long may it continue and yes I am a P&O fan which would make sense as I joined a P&O
  9. I'll see what I can do, a lot of firsts for me on this which is also adding to the excitement.
  10. A little older than that David, it's an expression I've seen used many times especially on facebook obviously not deemed acceptable on here so I won't bother in future.
  11. I'm very excited, just 6 more sleeps until I join Queen Mary2.
  12. You are always politeness itself oldworldtraveller and your posts a pleasure to read so nothing for you to worry about
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