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  1. Final update from Sue, hope you all enjoyed the ride Final day of the Cruise. A bright sunny morning but when I went outside after the early morning gym session it was still quite cool. The sun beds were out ready for any pax wanting to brave the temperature. The fog descended before lunch time and the Captain enjoyed playing his horn as we were in the midst of lots of shipping. After lunch I went to the Battle of the sexes Final. The ladies were in the lead by 40 points and won by 20 points in the end. A well fought battle. We finished the cruise in the Pacific Lounge with the the very
  2. 1st and 2 nd Sea Day to Southampton Sunday 8 May It had been an extremely rough night with anything not fastened down flying off shelves in the cabin. We woke a number of times as the motion worsened through the early hours of the morning. I managed to get to breakfast so that the cabin steward could make up the room. It was very unsteady around the ship with everyone doing funny walks zig zagging around the passageways. I started sorting clothes for packing and finished one suitcase before the motion got to me and I had to get horizontal. The noon announcement did not give any relief as
  3. Ponta Delgada A fairly rough night crossing the Atlantic and the forecast is worse to come as we near the UK. I gave the gym a miss today due to the motion of the Ocean and took a tablet and stayed in bed until 8 am. We docked for 9 am and headed straight to the supermarket as I needed to top up the tonic supply for the last of the gin. We heard that the whale watching trip was cancelled due to rough seas and wind. Plenty of free wifi in the shopping mall and we managed to get everything updated and contacted home before the mall became too busy and the signal slowed down. We wandered the
  4. 3rd and 4 th sea day to Ponta Delgada Thursday 5 th May A glorious hot sunny morning with hardly a whisper of wind. Hotter again than yesterday and the sea was very calm. Another hour went forward at noon putting us 2 hours behind UK time. I just spent the day in the sun with regular dips in the pool to cool off and being waited on by my butler who could only tolerate the heat for 10 minutes at a time. Once again I missed the Battle of the sexes but there will be time to catch up once the weather changes as we near home. We met a couple who will be on the Arcadia World cruise next year an
  5. 2nd sea day to Ponta Delgada Another glorious sunny day at sea. The wind had dropped slightly and the temperatures higher than yesterday. The pool had also quietened down considerably although it was still like swimming in a wave machine. By the time the gym session had finished the sun was well on the aft deck and we secured our spot for the day. Each day we think this may be the last we see of the sun for a while. There are lots of reports of sightings of whales as this is the season for them around the Azores. I often hear the shouts but never seem to be quick enough or patient enough to
  6. 1 st sea day to Ponta Delgada We have four sea days now so I got back into my usual early morning gym routine after missing it yesterday. The sun was on the aft deck but it was exceptionally windy. I moved beds a few times before finally settling down and although the wind didn't appear to lessen much it was still hot and quite comfortable once led down. I went in the pool which was an exhilarating experience as the waves were crashing from one end to the next. Great fun and the water was warm. These sea days go so quickly that I missed all the afternoon activities and the Charleston dance
  7. Bermuda We were up early and off ship to start exploring the dockyard having given up on our plans to visit Hamilton. The monstrosity Anthem of the seas had docked behind the Oriana dwarfing it as it is 3 times the size. It is on a 5 day cruise with only 1 port in the 5 days which just had to be Bermuda whilst we were there. We were off before it disgorged it's 5000 mostly extra extra sized American passengers. Poor Bermuda must have wondered what had hit it. We collected a map from the information office and started exploring. The clock tower was a shopping mall and we started our tour th
  8. Saturday 30 April - Sea day to Bermuda The morning was cloudy and the temperature had certainly dropped since leaving Charleston. By 11am the sun was on the aft deck and I spent a relaxing day reading in the sun. The breeze kept the temperature comfortable to spend more time in the sun. It was a formal night and another Marco menu which meant my favourite port marinated Stilton was on the cheese board. We went to the theatre to see the Spinettes a trio of young girls singing 1940s and 50s songs. Very good and I will go to their second show. In the Pacific lounge the entertainment manager M
  9. 29 April - 2nd day in Charleston The thunderstorms and showers that were forecast did not materialise and it was a beautiful sunny morning with clear blue skies. I had to have a couple of paracetamol and a gallon of water this morning after a night out on the town. I still made the 7am gym session and felt better afterwards and ready for another busy day sightseeing and shopping in Charleston. The French market is huge as is everything in America. Most stalls are very different but there were lots of stalls were ladies where sat weaving baskets and other items made out of the Seagrass. I bo
  10. 28 April - 1st day in Charleston A cloudy but warm start to the day. After the usual torture session in the gym I had a couple hours on the deck before we docked just before noon. It was quite a scenic sail into the narrow harbour as we passed Fort Sumter where the first shots of the civil war were fired on 12 April 1861. There was a Sail In Party with live music and American flags were distributed. Everything in Charleston is in walking distance from the ship. There is a huge indoor French market but we wanted to save doing that until tomorrow as the forecast is for rain showers tomorrow.
  11. 27 April 2016 - Port Canaveral There were lots of trips departing early in the morning so the gym sessions were very quiet. Only three of us for the Abs bums and tums class. We visited the Kennedy Space Centre last time we were here so opted for a visit to Cocoa Village. What a gem this is. Such a quaint little village situated on the Indian River with individual shops and a beautiful park and riverfront walk. There was a fountain which wasn't turned on and I was stood in the middle of it when I heard a gurgling sound. I got off it quickly but nothing happened until 2 minutes later when it c
  12. Port Everglades for Fort Lauderdale. Once again we were docking during the early morning gym session. A huge and very built up port with nothing much to look at in the port area. 15 cruise ships can be docked here at any one time but luckily today there were only two, Oriana and the Holland America ship Maasdam. A 30 minute shuttle bus ride took us to the Galleria Mall and cost £5 each way for saver fare passengers and free for us as Select fare pax not bad value for a 30 minute coach journey. We were not interested in the mall so asked directions to the water taxi station and were directed
  13. 25 April 2016 - Key West I was still in the gym as we docked into the Naval Base at Key West. The Disney Magic was docked behind us and the Regatta was in the town dock but left just after noon. We thought that Key West would be heaving but it was okay. I breakfasted in the main dining room as it was Eggs Benedict as the special of the day. I finally caught up with David and Esther who I hadn't seen since the first sea day. The trolley Train took us into Mallory Square and it was a flat walk along Duval street to the attractions of this town. Key West used to be called Cayo Hueso or Island
  14. 24 April 2016 - Sea Day to Key West The hour went forward at 2am so when the alarm went off at 06:30 it felt like 05:30 and I could easily have rolled over and ignored it but I made an effort and got to the gym for 7am. It took a while for the sun to reach the aft deck but by 10:30am it was hot with a gentle to moderate breeze. I spent a few hours in the sun reading then swimming to cool off. My butler organised lunch and I had a very relaxing day after the exhausting 2 days in New Orleans. I had intended going to the Charleston dance class at 2pm but with losing an hour the afternoon sped b
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