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  1. Just looked at your photo and see what you mean they only fold up to the wall, i can imagine this set up would be ok if you had it in the twin configuration. My hubby has just reminded me we had this set up once but as we had the twin configuration (there was four of us) we didn't really notice.
  2. What cabin number was it, I didn't know they did any like that on Ventura?
  3. Thats odd did your cabin steward not put the beds back up into the ceiling? Normally even when these cabins are occupied by a family of four the beds are pushed back up into the ceiling during the day and pulled down at night only if they are needed. When in their stored position they are flush to the ceiling so you can't see them.
  4. I am really hoping they have interconnecting cabins to their disabled cabins so we have the option not to share a cabin with our adult disabled son and he has the option not to share with us !
  5. Love it, hated the buff colour much more British looking
  6. Myself and my husband often cruise with a large family group so when we get the opportunity to cruise as a couple we like to have a table for two and enjoy each others company in a rare escape from our busy family lives. I have only been on a table for 6 once when cruising as a couple and I have to say I didn't really enjoy it. It is very difficult to get tables for two you have to be first to book and if you don't get a table for two visit the restaurant on the day you board to see if anyone else is requesting a move as you do get some people who want to move to larger tables. For the first t
  7. Myself and my husband renewed our wedding vows on board Ventura in Oct 2013, we managed to get the day we were married on so it was exactly 25 years. It was a lovely experience. The service was conducted by the captain. We had the help of a coordinator on board. You get a free photo in with the package in a silver frame, flowers for yourself and button hole for hubby, cake and champagne. The photographer is personal to you and takes pictures all round the ship just like a wedding. We had an amazing time.
  8. We mostly cruise as an extended family group and have always loved 2nd sitting club dining, it gives us a time to all come together even if we have done different things in the day. However on the rare occasions myself and my husband have had the chance to cruise as a couple (very very rare) then we like to enjoy a table for two which can be quite difficult to get via club dining so we have booked freedom for the first time on our next cruise in August to see if this suits us better. I will let you know how it goes.
  9. They provided small duvets and Pillows on our cruise in Sept this year
  10. The night nursery is amazing, my granddaughter has used the facility on two cruise now when she was six months old and again this year at 21 months old. It opens from 6pm and you can either take your child and put them in a cot (mattress for older children) or leave them in their pushchair. They ask you to settle your little ones first and then they give you a pager for if they wake up. They remain open until 2am. My sister came on the a cruise with us this year bringing her one year old she was really sceptical about the night nursery but I persuaded her to give it ago and she was amazed. I
  11. I would have to be drugged to get on a plane so absolutely Uk sailing for me.
  12. Lots of these already mentioned Cavier, Oysters and Steak.
  13. Ours would be time of year, itinerary and if they have a Disabled Cabin available.
  14. We go to see the apes in one of the large Taxis the drivers know the Apes well and always warn you of what not to do. Also there are large signs telling you to secure valuables, not to feed nor to approach the Apes as they are wild animals. On one visit, My son who was an older teenager at the time had a large male ape sit on his shoulder, we captured the moment on camera. The driver was very good at telling us which apes would tolerate us more than others most do keep their distance unless they spot a tourist with food!!.
  15. Out of the P&O ships we have been on Oceana is my least favorite. That doesn't mean that I dislike her as such but she would be the one I would only pick if the itinerary was unique to her. As a mid size ship I much prefer Aurora and Oriana.
  16. My grandaughter has joined us on two cruises now one as a six month old and one as a 22 month old. My nephew aged 14 months was also on the last cruise. Got to be the best way to take a baby abroad. As others have already said before you go you can book (either direct or via your travel agent): Travel cot, baby bath, sterliser, bottle warmer and high chair for the restaurant. Their are also highchairs in the buffets and a specific childrens tea at 5ish which has baby food along with lots of childrens favourites. The Mr Men also make regular appearances. There is a night nursery operating from
  17. I do love Seventeen on Azura, but on my recent cruise on ventura had a really lovely shephards pie in the main restaurant, simple but lovely taste.
  18. Whilst on board ventura last week we found some old reciepts in our cases from a cruise we did in 2009. It was interesting as clearly some drinks particularly bottled beer had gone up in price by about 30 pence but then the shorts had not. Also soft drinks prices had gone up too. So I guess it depends on what you drink?
  19. We have just returned from a back to back cruise on Ventura (P&O) and on the first cruise my son got married and on the second cruise we renewed our wedding vows for our 25th wedding anniversary. The wedding was beautiful my son and daughter in law were made to feel like film stars for the day and the cost even when the cruise itself is factored in is far cheaper than an equivalent experience on land. It was also really stress free.
  20. MeeMee


    Hi Blondie My adult son is a full time electric wheelchair user, he is very physicaly disabled needing hoisting, shower chair and specialist feeding. We have been cruising with him since 2003 and have been on Aurora, Azura and Ventura. All 3 ships are very accessible, large staterooms (ventura and Azura also having accessible balcony options)with full wet rooms. You can take your own equipment on board i.e. hoists, shower chair etc and these can be put through the normal luggage process. The staff are amazing and do everything to help. We have just returned from a 4 week back to back cruis
  21. Hi All Have just joined te forum after returning from a back to back cruise on Ventura total of 4 weeks. The back to back element was a very interesting experience. My son also got married on the first cruise an amazing experience and myself and my husband renewed our wedding vows after 25 years of marriage on the 2nd cruise. The captin Paul Brown was lovely and did a fantastic job of both services. We also had the most amazing photographer Adam he created the most amazing photo album for my sons and daughterinlaws wedding.
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