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  1. You never know Lulucat we had a heatwave when we went to the fjords, it was surreal standing in the snow in shorts :-)
  2. Hi Lulucat, the retreat part of the spa is really just a special luxury sunbathing area, were you are allocated your own special comfy sun bed and have access to an restricted outdoor pool, special lunch menu and outdoor treatments (bookable separately) so I wouldn't think you would want to go and sit in it if the weather wasn't good. That can be the problem with advance booking as the weather can be changeable. We have only advanced booked when in the Caribbean and you are almost guaranteed then to get good weather. We booked on the last and first sea day before and after the Caribbean island
  3. Chris P although you will see some comments about people not adhering to dress codes on formal nights, my experience on P&O is this is not the norm. The vast majority of male and female passengers dress to impress on formal nights. Most ladies still favour long dresses so they are the majority but even those in shorter ones are still very glam. I think on the larger ships like Azura and Ventura you do get a few people around the ship who have perhaps decided to opt out of the main dining room and go to the buffet so are not required to follow the dress code but to be honest if you are goin
  4. We would always try to go ashore, stretch our legs, do a bit of shopping or something more adventurous depending on the port of call. I can only remember staying on the ship once for a port of call I think I wasn't feeling my best that day. On one other occasion we got off but didn't get very far when it poured it down with rain so it ended up a very short visit. I also love sea days though and the chance to experience the ship on these days and chill out so we tend to choose cruises that have sea days in them so never feel the need to stay on the ship in port to do this. I have experi
  5. Claire55 it is normal when on a large table to have to wait for people to finish a starter course before the mains is out, thats one of the down sides of sharing a larger table, if you want to eat at your own space best to request a table for two as you enter the restaurant for breakfast. On the other hand its not acceptable that you were forgotten about on a table for two you should have asked to speak to the head waiter to get things put right. I do recall this happening to us once but in afternoon tea, they put us on a table for two and it was a bit tucked away so the service was very s
  6. Furby thats difficult to answer as its a very personal choice, for me I don't think I would bother booking for the whole of the seven days. I think it would get a bit stale after a few visits and what if the weather wasn't great. But thats only my personal opinion someone else may love the idea. i would book maybe for 2 or 3 sessions. In terms of visitors you wouldn't be able to book for the 3 of you and then have your other halves come in occasionally its a restricted area for those who have paid only, otherwise as you can imagine it would become quickly over subscribed as when you pay you ge
  7. I agree Lulu part of the fun, although the max I have achieved during Captains welcome aboard is 3 so hardly likely to be falling over drunk ;-)
  8. I completely agree with Richard, we have used the retreat on Azura a few times now. A little bit of heaven and fantastic as a special treat. The only slight difficulty with it is if you have a disability toilets are extremely awkward to get to.
  9. We are one of those with loads of stuff which includes all my sons equipment that is too fragile for baggage handling and any cameras, netbooks and other delicate electrical equipment. I think we must look like we have carried everything on ;-)
  10. Has anyone done the P&O Flam Railway and Biking Tour? I have been looking at this for our Fjords cruise in August and fancy this tour but was unsure how fit you would have to be? I note it says the bike ride is down hill. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has done this and how strenuous you found it? I am in good health but not exactly peak fitness so didn't want to go for it if it was more for those athletically inclined.
  11. The bungee trampoline on Ventura although my hubby and son have used it!!
  12. Its a lovely walk from the port over to the old lighthouse which is interesting, on route you pass a lovely beach.
  13. I think its one of the very few downsides of cruising more frequently - if its possible to have a down side that is ;-) On our Cruise in Sept/Oct last year all the headliners shows were the same as the ones we saw on the Azura Maiden so I don't think they have been changed since then. perhaps there will be new ones being sorted for Britannia - fingers crossed.
  14. Unfortunately, served breakfast on any morning you do not get your regular evening waiters, you go to the entrance, specify a table size if you would like a particular size and they seat you at the next available table. If you don't mind being with others they just fill up the tables in order. Occasionally you might see your evening waiters. We have been cruising since 2003 and its always been like this. is that what you meant Shetlander?
  15. I too have some comical photos of us all at muster in our life jackets :-)
  16. Hi welcome and go for it a cruise is an amazing holiday experience we started cruising in our 30s and I still wish we had started much sooner. The beauty of a cruise is it offers so many different styles and experiences. Its great for adults only, families and multi-generational groups. Watch out though we started cruising on our own with our two boys and now the whole family tags along including our grandchild. I am a big fan of P&O so can only tell you about their ships I keep meaning to try others but I enjoy P&O so much I haven't strayed yet. If you want adult only then Arcadia, O
  17. I tend to prefer higher up the ship and midships, when traveling with my disabled son we don't have that much choice so depends on what I am prepared to pay for a particular cruise. Myself and my hubby are trying a cabin overlooking the aft of the ship in August as I have always quite fancied the view from an aft balcony cabin so we will see what this is like. Other members of my family have been at the forward end and did feel the movement much more once they got their sea legs they were fine but they wouldn't go forward again.
  18. Wouldn't encourage me to book but I wouldn't send them back if i got them, like many I would prefer extra OBC. I recall getting M&S vouchers for introducing a family member to Sky took me over a year to spend them as I don't often shop in M&S (nor John Lewis) good job they didn't have an expiry date.
  19. I did feel a bit naughty Northsealady, but I was made to feel better by the bar staff round the pool as we had already been on for two weeks they knew us really well and why we weren't in the muster station and made us feel comfortable.
  20. We were told by our cabin steward and by reception staff that we did not need to attend as we stayed in the same cabin and therefore the same muster station, we were also counted as being on one cruise. It was also a unique experience staying on board whilst everyone left, i think we saw one other couple who had also stayed on. It was very quiet for a few hours.
  21. Excellent idea, we always have this problem round the pool areas and outside restaurants, as there is only one disabled toilet it can be a real problem. My son has often set of for the loo and had to go all the way back to the cabin because people are misusing the disabled toilets. My son can't wait very long due to the nature of his disability so its very frustrating when someone is using the toilets we have had some close calls! They could include it in the swipe on the cruise cards.
  22. We always attend the muster, the only time we did not attend a muster was on a back to back cruise when you are given express permission not to attend the muster on the second cruise, it is a very strange experience not to go, the ship looked deserted.
  23. We always ask for a table for two (or more if we are on board as a family group) and always had our request met, sometimes we have had to wait a few minutes for one to become available. Breakfast in the main dining rooms on P&O ships are a lovely experience. We always go to served breakfast on disembarkation day but don't but this is the only am we don't bother asking for a table for two due to how busy it is.
  24. I would have liked to have done the maiden but its too early for us will probable go for one in may.
  25. Still my favourite P&O ship, great atmosphere, very safe and handles bad weather well.
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