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  1. I Have been using Bolsover for a few years now and get a very personalised service. I have had the same cruise consultant throughout who knows myself and my family. She always responds in person to my emails and to any phone calls. Unless she is out of the office when collegues always pick up in her absence and check if I would like help at that point or wish to wait for my consultants return.

    I always feel confident she is getting what I want and not what they want to sell me. They have in my family a customer for as long as I am cruising.

  2. I remember the first cruise myself and my hubby went on, we both put on a stone each in two weeks, we couldn't believe it. needless to say now days we tend to be a little more careful but will generally put on about 4-6lbs on a cruise depending on the length of the cruise of course. I have found now quite alot of it seems to be water retention and is gone within the first two weeks back home.

  3. Like lots of people we brought quite a few on our first few cruises and we still buy the occasional ones to mark particular events i.e. my granddaughters first cruise and when we had five generations on a cruise. The photographs represent quite good value when you compare them to having a professional photographer ashore so its a great way to mark landmark events experienced on a cruise. And the photographs we had took on board for my sons wedding and our renewal of vows were really fantastic the photographers did an exceptional job.

    However in saying all that I absolutely hate the photos being taken at the table at evening meal. Even though you can turn these down they are a real nuisance when you are disturbed mid flow and some can be very insistent. I remember on one occasion when myself and my family were on one cruise we had a table for 8 for us all and we saw the photographers coming round I checked with the family if they would like a photo (some were on their first cruise) and no one wanted one at the dinner table. When the photographer approached us I politely said no we wouldn't like a photo gesturing to the whole table, he then proceeded to approach another member of my family in quite an insistent way so I still politely reinforced that none of us would like a photo to which he replied "I am not talking to you". My son then said please don't talk to my mother like that. At this point the kind waiters intervened and basically moved them along, but we all felt really uncomfortable after that when they came around. I wish there was a way to have it noted that you don't want photos at the dinner table at the start of the cruise.

  4. Our very first cruise we tried 1st sitting dining and really found it difficult to get ready in time especially on port days so we transferred to 2nd sitting and have been doing that ever since. More recently as my grand daughter and nephew have joined in the extended family cruises we have found second sitting ideal for getting the young ones settled into night nursery.


    Occasionally myself and my husband get to go on a cruise on our own (very rare now days) and we have always found it difficult to get a table for two on club dining so we decided to try Freedom on our very recent cruise on Arcadia. Whilst we loved the flexibility and the fact we got a table for two every night we didn't experience good standards of service and the whole event seemed to be rushed and this was on all but one night. Others have advised me on the forum that they haven't experienced this on Freedom so i will put it down to bad luck and probable try Freedom again on our next couple cruise. But I will stick to 2nd sitting club for cruising with our extended family as I feel this would suit us best overall.

  5. Iv always dined freedom so a cant compare, great service though, that does sound rather rushed, dont let it put you off freedom dining though MeeMee.


    Hi Suetoo, I think we will stick to club dining second sitting when we cruise as an extended family I couldn't imagine trying to organise our group of 10 on a freedom dining basis but we will certainly try freedom dining again as a couple just to see if we were just unlucky as i think it worked well for us as a couple as we like to eat on our own on these rare cruises and it is much easier to get a table for two via Freedom dining.

  6. Must of been bad luck then, the waiters seemed to be in a real rush to get people in and out, not offering the cheese and biscuits, serving tea/Coffee whilst still eating desert, not clearing away plates before bringing next course, not topping up water, not giving the after dinner sweets etc. It did seem worse when dining after 8pm in freedom rather than when dining earlier.


    On a plus note loved lots of the features on Arcadia, cabins seemed very spacious, really liked the shower over the bath, loved the theater and the covered pool area stayed really warm great in not so good weather. And Bonus new headliner shows.

  7. We have just come off Arcadia on Friday 15th August after a fantastic cruise to the Fjords, it was our first time on Arcadia having previously sailed on Aurora, Ventura, Azura and Oriana. It was also the first time we have tried Freedom dining. I have to say although we loved the option of dining at different times in reality we still dined roughly at 2nd sitting time (which is what we normally choose) and we also felt the quality of service was not as good? Have others who have experienced club dining and freedom found a drop in service standards or is this perculiar to Arcadia or were we just unlucky.

  8. We have been to Sherwood Center Parcs for years now but we too have been tempted by a holiday at Woburn next year for my birthday we will see how it compares. i have noticed already from booking activities that it is more expensive than Sherwood.

  9. A171 was a lovely cabin, very large compared to other standard grade balcony cabins we have had on other ships. The only down side was the air conditioning which was so noisey (I purchased ear plugs on board). Later read this is a problem on Arcadia so presume this is not specific to the cabin. loved the rear view which was stunning in the Fjords.

  10. Well I made it and it was an excellent option, went to the top and back down half way by train and then cycled the rest of the way I think they said 9KM of which 6KM was down hill and 3KM flat. A reasonable degree of health was required but you didn't need to be fit. The worst bit was the extremely uncomfortable saddle if I do this again I am packing a Gel Seat cover!!

  11. Has anyone stopped at the grand Harbour recently since the refurbishments have been completed. We are stopping in August for a pre-cruise overnight stay. How was it and do you have any tips re making the most of the stay. We have booked bed and breakfast in a deluxe king room.

  12. I absolutely hate flying and don't mind admitting that it terrifies me. I last flew a couple of years ago to be at my sisters wedding in Greece before that was about 15 years ago when i took my kids to Florida. I don't think I will get on a plane again especially when I can go everywhere I want to by Cruise ship. The last plane I went on reminded me of a flying microwave not a pleasant experience at all yuk!!

  13. We have done 4 in a cabin and they are compact with two adults and two strapping teenage/adult sons but the square footage is clearly marked and you get a very generous discount on the 3rd and fourth persons particularly out of school hols in fact we have even done some were the 3rd and fourth person was free although i think this isn't done anymore but 80% discount is still common.

  14. They have six berth family suites on Ventura and Azura. I would get a quote for the suite and 2 x cabins as depending on cruise and discounts either one could work out cheaper than the other.

  15. If you are planning on doing lots of walking whilst at port a pushchair at age 3 may be useful, my granddaughter will be over 3 on her next cruise and her mum is planning to take. Also useful for getting her back from night nursery whilst still asleep.

  16. If Oriana does go, I would love to sail on her again so I hope that P&O give some decent notice. I have only been on her once and loved the traditional feel which isn't present on the other ships but some of her facilities do look a tad out of date now.

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