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  1. Hello Lieutenant. We have looked at your suggestion and the pictures have given us food for thought on which excursion to take. Like you to me 8am is still the middle of the night and so always look for later trips.
  2. Hi Lieutenant. Yes it does. We are looking forward to revisit Pompeii and Malta again. We have done a few cruises in Med but never been to Marseille. We are both looking forward to it
  3. we are also on Oriana starting on October 24th and looking forward to it. We generally travel on Aurora but decided to have a change.
  4. Bigger ships are not for us so they can call it what they like we most certainly will not be on it.
  5. We have always opted out of the standard charges and paid the staff who have given us service in an envelope. Has anyone who pays in this way noticed that in the past they have always put the envelope in their pockets but in the last year or so it has been placed on top of their work station. As none of them will answer any questions we are wondering if they have to hand over the money. Does anyone else have the same thought?
  6. Thank you for your replies. Hopefully the schedule will appear shortly.
  7. Does anyone know why Oriana's cruise dates do not appear on the Southampton Cruise Ship Schedule. Is it that somebody know something we don't?
  8. Hello Urnicked, we have done the Baltic cruise on two occasions and like Cruise Addict have always used the Euro without any problems. We are also going on our third Baltic Cruise on July the 2nd on Aurora and I presume the same one as you.
  9. We travelled the Suez canal 5 years ago from south to north and we were on the port side. There was certainly more to see on that side than the starboard side which was all sand. The way you are travelling north to south I would suggest the starboard side will be the best side . Hope this is of some use.
  10. As the name has to end in A. Try Africa and perhaps that will be sent there for good.
  11. Terminator. Information received on good authority.
  12. My understanding is they cannot fill Britannia for love nor money so they will have no chance with an even larger ship.
  13. Hi Jaczs. I totally agree with you.
  14. I have filled in two or three of these surveys and told them exactly what I think. Unfortunately nothing has changed.
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