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  1. Emmone

    Passport change

    Is anyone aware that you can no longer carry over extra months when renewing your passport. Used to be able to carry over the six months or so but not now. Seems it came into force on September 10th.
  2. Emmone

    "She fell of a Cruise Ship?"

    First cruise? Didn't know not to sit on the railing?
  3. Emmone

    Sailing from Newcastle

    Thanks everyone, fingers crossed the trains are running.....
  4. Emmone

    Sailing from Newcastle

    Thanks for all the advice. We have decided to stay in Newcastle. We were thinking of either the Royal Station Hotel as we will be travelling in on the train and will have our luggage with us so don't want to be dragging that any distance. The alternatives are Holiday Inn Express or Jurys. Any opinions?
  5. Emmone

    Sailing from Newcastle

    Can anyone help? Our cruise leaves from the Port of Tyne which I think is not in Newcastle itself. Is it better to stay in Newcastle and travel to the port in a taxi or book a hotel near the port (travelling direct from the train station)? Any help will be appreciated.
  6. Emmone

    Hotels in Newcastle

    Thanks Louise for replying. I have looked and there are a few Premier Inns, what name is it?
  7. Thinking of going on Fred Olsen from Newcastle. Can anyone tell me where you board and any hotels in the immediate area?
  8. Thinking of going on Fred Olsen from Newcastle. Can anyone tell me where you board and any hotels in the immediate area?
  9. Emmone

    Packing help!

    Thanks Willbarb1 At this rate there may be some space for OH clothes after all.....
  10. Emmone

    Packing help!

    Thanks Sheila, Good to know about the shower gel. We will take a couple of our small Molton Brown bottles with us. I usually take a small bottle of my own conditioner with me. Now it is getting nearer I can concentrate on clothes, shoes (my husband says I take too many - a woman can never have too many shoes!) Thanks for everyones help, fingers crossed everything will go smoothly.
  11. Emmone

    Packing help!

    Thanks Terminator I thought it only referred to Concierge Class and above, happy to know we will have robes, don't want to scare the neighbours! As you can tell we are newbies to Celebrity although we have sailed with other cruise lines. Now, back to the checklist.....
  12. Emmone

    Packing help!

    Thanks for your help, I will take lightweight robes for us. I know the other questions are more the province of the lady forum members, they appreciate how frustrating it is to have an underpowered hairdryer provided.
  13. Emmone

    Packing help!

    We are going on a fly/cruise with Celebrity. In order to save weight could members of the forum help me. Do Celebrity provide robes in balcony cabins or will I need to take my own? How good are the hairdryers? What toiletries are provided? And are they any good. The more weight I can save the more clothes I can take. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks everyone, will ring them to tell them about the test which returned normal and tell them about the next test (whenever that might be - possibly after our next cruise), even though the doctor said that may come back normal too!
  15. I know you have to declare pre-existing conditions when taking out travel insurance but when do you inform them if you have been referred to a hospital, had a consultation and tests but nothing found. More tests in the future but what would I tell the insurance company? Anyone have experience in an insurance company?