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  1. We were introduced to Bolsover by the same friends that introduced us to cruising and have only ever used BCC. We have always used the same consultant, asking for her by name and when she retired we have been passed to another and are now beginning to build up the same rapport with her. We are loyal customers and like the personal touch even if each and every part of the transactions are conducted over the phone and by email
  2. Of course this response is subjective as it's only personal opinion. Have tried Sindhi on Britannia, Azura and Ventura. We didn't care for it on the first try but gave it the benefit of the doubt so tried it again but having tried it three times, which we think is a fair test we will not be going again. Epicurean has always been excellent and we always visit twice during the cruise once each menu. We have never been disappointed
  3. Sailed with Sarah before and she is excellent
  4. We have booked all our cruises with Bolsover and would not consider going to another agent or P&O direct. we have always had excellent service and support from them
  5. 1. Yes 2. Yes and the walk around the bow is excellent. We have been on all P&O ships and Ventura is our favourite for that 3. Ventura does have a covered pool 4. She is a lovely ship - enjoy! hope that helps 😀
  6. I don't see why you can't have it all. We like all the ships we have been on (probably with the exception of Britannia) we like large well appointed cabins and all the facilities on offer but we never sit on a table for two. We travel as a couple and find cruising very social and friendly
  7. I agree Bolsover provide excellent service particularly Fiona Wheatley who caters for our every need - again in the nicest possible way
  8. To coin a phrase - let me tell you where I am - this is not for me and I am out
  9. That's fine. If you think it is bonkers to pay extra for a preferred dining service then be content with what you are given
  10. End of the day - if you want to choose then pay the select fare
  11. We were on Ventura at Easter (2016) and will be on her again in 8 weeks. Like all P&O ships she is spotless. We had an excellent cruise notwithstanding that we set off from Southampton straight into the grips of Storm Katie. If you have been on Azura and like her for size etc you will like Ventura.
  12. We were in a suite on Ventura at Easter. Our check in time was 12.30. We were taken straight to a checkin desk when arriving at the terminal (about 11.45) after checkin we went to a designated area for complimentary tea, coffee, cakes newspapers etc and were on board by just before 12.30. I wouldn't say that on disembarkation there was any difference. We always request the first slot, this time it was 8.15 and we got off at 8.15
  13. An excursion to Firemountain, or Puerto del Carmen or a submarine dive (if it's on offer)
  14. We went on her to the Baltic. Lovely ship in all respects but we particularly liked the retractable roof over the swimming pool which turned it into a huge conservatory which was pleasant to use even when travelling through the North Sea. Would book to go on her again without hesitation
  15. In response to Redrob 88. As well as all the other freebies that we enjoyed when Oceana had to put into Barcelona for 3 days Easter last,year we had a cheque waiting for us on the doormatwhen we got home for £800. That seems fair to me.
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