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  1. If they have they certainly have not worked, not on this ship and not on this particular cruise but thank you for enlightening me anyway.
  2. Thanks for this Jenjen. Seems you and I are the only ones concerned about this. Will definitely not be sunbathing anywhere near the back deck next time.
  3. Hi all Did anyone go on cruise J913 Arcadia a few weeks back and struggle with the funnel soot and some strange red deposit landing on their clothes and worse inhaling it too? We were on that cruise and since arriving home both of us have had terrible coughs non stop. Because we were so off colour I have only just started to iron all the holiday clothes from the cases (we took five!) and cannot believe how many clothes have been stained with this red deposit. It has not come out in the wash and has ruined most of the items. Just wondered if anyone else had suffered this. We used to sun b
  4. Thank you for this further information - you are most kind and this is something we will certainly ask the cabin steward once we are unpacked. Two days to go and counting......Yippee!!
  5. Thank you towny44 - will definitely give it a try once we are on board.
  6. Hi all Just wondered if any of you know the space area under the dressing able in a balcony cabin on Arcadia to stand two small flight size wheelie cases and if they would fit? The bigger ones obviously will go under the bed and we will be full of the extras needed for a 29 nighter cold/warm (and anything in between) cruise. Thanks alot.
  7. Thank you for this Jenjen. Let's hope it is like the first time you went but we are going well prepared just in case. Never been on as many consecutive sea days like this before so will have to raid the library sharpish! Thank you for your good wishes and we do hope we have a Happy Holiday, been a long time coming.......
  8. Yes, it is going to be a long few days at sea - more than we have ever done before so must get organised with plenty of reading matter. We actually do call at The Azores on the return journey which we are looking forward to as we have never been there. Last stop before we rejoin the 'rat race' back home!
  9. Well thank you Mayway, most helpful and you have made me even more excited about the prospect of spending Christmas and the New Year in the Caribbean. A one off for us I know but nonetheless everyone's sound advice and knowledgeable comments are making me quite looking forward to our special holiday. Thank you all.
  10. Thank you 2torts. It is becoming clear to me from all the helpful replies anything before Madeira or The Azores will require warm clothing and maybe even hats and scarves. Everyone's advice and knowledge including yours has been most welcome and I shall take "on board" all this information as we set sail. Christmas cruise here we come!
  11. Thank you for this Oldworldtraveller and noted on the breeze too. Maybe pack a hat and scarf as well - good advice. Yes, this is the Arcadia Christmas and New Year cruise which will be a special one for us and I think 70f sounds just about perfect to start us off.
  12. Thank you for this info mitch, good to know. Bermuda is our first stop too and is such a fabulous island. We visited a few years ago and never thought we would be lucky enough to make a return visit however brief. Have a wonderful cruise in October. By the way - I am with you on the morning frost, knees and all.
  13. Thank you for this Davybe. Bit apprehensive about the distance too but unable to fly and desperate for some winter sun to celebrate our special birthdays. Fingers crossed we shall totally enjoy the Caribbean sunshine away from all the supermarkets Christmas queues!
  14. Hope my replies help us both Canalview. Enjoy the journey .......would be interested to know how you faired.
  15. Thank you so much towny44. Sounds like you know what you are talking about. All advice will be heeded. Cannot wait!
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