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  1. Shetlander

    Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?

    If it ever became possible to have your private sun lounger on a cruise for £22 there would be no shortage of takers. But I don;t see it ever happening on a ship. Instead I think you will continue to see cabanas and the like but at rather more than £22 per cruise.
  2. Shetlander

    Will Brexit have any impact on cruising?

    Nothing to do with border checks - certain countries require that you carry national identification at all times. As the UK does not issue ID cards you are supposed to carry your passport.
  3. Shetlander


    My point is very simply that a cruise is one of those situations where you pay service separately. I have given other examples of where that is the case. If I was staying in a hotel where service was not included then I would expect there to be an additional service charge. if the price for service was included in there room rate then I would not expect an additional service charge. To clarify - the situation where service is included is different from the situation where service is not included.
  4. Shetlander


    I think that you have misunderstood my point. I expect to receive good service and I expect my children to receive the same good service. I don't expect that service to be free. I don't expect the service my children receive to be free either. Sometimes service is charged separately and sometimes it is included. In both cases I pay it. It is not unusual for restaurants to charge a separate service charge, others might have have a cover charge. I have never refused to pay. As you point out in some cases the service charge is low anyway - your example equates to £22 per day. I have always received £22 worth of service from my stewards and waiters on a cruise, not to mention those folk that I don't see. I will revisit my approach when the service received does not merit the service charge, but in that situation I shall also revisit my choice of cruise line.
  5. Shetlander


    To me it's simple. When I go on a cruise I expect to receive good service; I also expect my children to receive good service. I expect to pay for the service.
  6. Shetlander


    Totally agree. I've always happily paid the service charge (or whatever you want to call it) for my two children.
  7. You have received a number of ideas so doesn't seem that difficult to me!
  8. It all depends upon what you want from your stay. We often use Premier Inns for such purposes; there are a number in the vicinity.
  9. Shetlander

    The cost of cruising with children!?

    As I said the pricing structure for 3rd/4th passengers varies by cruise line. There is plenty of choice out there!
  10. Shetlander

    The cost of cruising with children!?

    I'm assuming that you will have one child in a bed (either a drop down bed or a sofa bed) and one child in a travel cot? This will reduce the amount of available floorspace so I would say that floorspace will be more important than a window! Obviously the more people you have in a cabin the more crowded it feels (ours are now 8 & 12) but plenty of people do it!
  11. Shetlander

    The cost of cruising with children!?

    I'm not sure whether you are asking a question about cruise lines in general or about P&O in particular but anyway here are my thoughts. Quite often there is a low fixed price for infants (i.e. those under 2) but I'm sure I read somewhere that this is not true for all lines. If a child is the second person in the cabin then I would expect no reduction in the adult fare. The reductions kick in when the child is the 3rd or 4th passenger in the cabin. Different lines vary on how they price children in this situation; it can be a fixed price (sometimes quite a low fixed price) or a percentage of the 1st/2nd passenger fare. The percentage charged can vary by time of year. On occasions I have seen no reduction at all for 3rd/4th passenger or children in this position. My advice is to shop around and be as flexible as possible; as always that is the way to get the best deals. Finally I find cruising to be an economical way for my family to holiday abroad so it's not all bad!
  12. Shetlander

    overatated tourist attractions

    I have to say that I've always found Olympia to be a great place to visit! The museum is also very good. It's very easy to visit without an excursion as there are tourist offices in Katakolon although I can't quite remember the cost. My 'top tip" is to buy your tickets at the museum if there are long queues to purchase tickets at the site.
  13. A good point and how nasty for you. I would expect to be able to get hot water though.
  14. Shetlander

    8 Years Too Long?

    I an curious about the tax and residency implications of "living" on a cruise ship. Also what would you do during the dry dock period . . . . . go on holiday I guess! Sounds good to spend extended periods at sea.
  15. For example a number of cruises appear to be visiting Crete in the summer . . . http://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-to-chania-crete.html