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  1. Booked Arcadia 26 October 2017 to Caribbean 29 October 2019 - 732 days only another 580 to go! At least we should have a good cabin and dining of our choice.
  2. Several times we have been at the airport at the appointed check in time only to find the check in staff had not arrived and the desks were closed.
  3. Afternoon tea on P & O ships is essential for us on sea days. Would be very sorry to see the tradition disappear.
  4. I too have queried with P & O what has happened to the dress code list for each ship usually obtained through FAQs in Cruise Personaliser. Here is their reply:- Thank you for your email. On a 14 night cruise you can expect approximately 4 formal nights including a Black & White themed Night. The dress code theme and formal nights are subject to change therefore we are unable to advise what dates the formal nights will take place on in advance. Be sure to check your Horizon newspaper for full details of the evening's attire, which will be delivered daily to your cabin on-bo
  5. I'm with Shilly on this one - what a bore!
  6. Interesting that you would like to know in advance which entertainers are on board your cruise. I raised this question a few months ago on this forum, having come across a particular duo which we enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately it seems there is no way of finding out pre cruise who will be on board.
  7. Sorry for the delay in replying, Harvey, we have just returned from Australia where we have been visiting family, though not on a cruise ship!. No we would not chose entertainers over itinerarary, but if other cruise lines were offering similar itineries at the time we wanted to travel, then the type of enterainment and artistes might play a part in deciding which ship and cruise line to choose. Of course there would also be the usual factors to consider - cost, starting/ending port, size of ship, etc
  8. Is this just a P & O problem? Several comments mention P & O ships. daveoc excepted.
  9. I know this might be pie in the sky but I would like to know which entertainers will be on the ship before the start of my cruise. We came across the vocal duo Protocol on a P & O cruise (Oceana) about a year ago and would enjoy seeing and listening to them again, but it doesn't seem possible to find out where and when they will be appearing in the future. Unfortunately I can find no list of their engagements from the internet.
  10. I feel I must make it quite clear thaty under no circumstances do I have a 'hatred of children'. The issue I raised in my original posting merely asked if anyone knew whether a cruise line other than P & O operated adults only ships. The comments I made could in no way be interpretted as a 'hatred of children' and I am concerned that they have been construed as such. Simply I believe that some families with children are looking for a completely different type of cruise, perhaps with a wider more active range of activities, than what we (as senior citizens) prefer.
  11. Thank you alll very much for your helpful comments. We may well take the plunge and try someone other than P and O in the future. With the exception of one cruise ( a Carribbean transatlantic) we have not encountered any problems with children on cruise ships but after the one bad experience we are keen to avoid any further problems.
  12. Hello Just joined a few minutes ago so this is my first experience of any type of internet forum. We have cruised quite often with P & O because they operate adults only ships. We are looking at alternative cruise lines but cannot seem to find any who operate a similar adults only policy. As a result we are always drawn back to P & O..Does anyone know if there are are other adults only ships operated by the following:- Holland America RCI Cunard Celebrity Fred Olsen Princess Many thanks
  13. Thetre is an excellent cruise car park at Marchwood Southampton .www.southamptoncruiseparking.co.uk. . The car park operates exactly like an airport terminal car park, you park your car then a shuttle bus takes you to the port terminal. At the port your bags are unloaded for you and you leave them to be loaded on board the ship. Shuttle bus takes about 20 minutes to reach the docks and a bus is usually waiting for you at the dockside when you return home. Cost is approx half that of parking dockside.
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