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  1. Latest Muster Drill news when on Norwegian Cruise Line ships 2023 They are returning to the traditional way of muster drills where all passengers have to meet up at their muster stations. Whilst Carnival & Celebrity have no plans to change ....it seems Norwegian has decided otherwise. I've heard it's all to do with staffing issues and this means staff are involved for a shorter time period but don't know if this is true.
  2. BGT 2023 is coming to our TV screens soon David Walliams has gone and been replaced with Bruno Tonioli whilst Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon & Simon Cowell remain judges. There have been stories in the press about how Amanda & Alesha were upset as that they thought they were being paid less than the men.
  3. Have to agree with this comment, wasn't that impressed with the choices of clothes and the shops most times didn't seen to be doing that much business. However although earlier comments have been made about how expensive the drinks are, the bars seemed to be busy,especially the golden lion pub & chart room.
  4. Unlikely to have complaints about " poor customer service " at the moment Bolsolver won the Outstanding Customer Care Award for 2023 😎
  5. another good site to look at where cruise ships are ......... www.cruisemapper.com if you click on " tracker " at the top you get a map that you can check where various cruise ships are.
  6. Not too long before you cruise in March, did you sort out about your stop in Shekou ? Do you have any plans for this stop or will you take the ships own excursion ?
  7. UK CRUISE AWARDS 2023 Congratulations Bolsolver for getting..... Outstanding Customer Care Award Highly commended ....Outstanding Contribution Award
  8. Glastonbury 2023 from June 21st - June 25th Elton John already confirmed for Pyramid stage on Sunday Arctic Monkeys predicted for Friday Guns N'Roses predicted for Saturday Strong Rumours................Beans on Toast, Billy Bragg, Craig Charles, Fatboy Slim & Pulp
  9. I also don't mind a bit of ocean swell but I'm not so keen on hearing & feeling vibration at the back of the ship
  10. I must admit that one of the things I do is to add to posts that have already been started but there is a reason for this. If I make a brand new post, because the forum seems so quiet at the moment, it doesn't seem to get that many views. If however, I add my thoughts to a topic already started then it already has a lot of views and maybe that might encourage other members to make a reply and add to the conversation.
  11. I have been on Costa but it was quite a while ago and now the ships are much bigger. My overall impression was of a European cruise line with a variety of different guests and so they put announcements out in 5 languages. Food was good & still is from what I've heard. I am not so sure about the ratio of staff to guests as I think it may not be a good on the newer ships & have yet to find that out.
  12. Its good if your ship has a self service launderette then sometimes you can pack a bit less if you're on a longer cruise
  13. It's now 1st January 2023 Happy New Year to you all !! Keep on cruising 🚢🚢🚢 😄😄 🥳 🍾
  14. Portsmouth


    Well from what I've read and seen in the papers the maiden voyage of Arvia has turned out to be a bit of a PR disaster and that's a shame. According to reports there have been problems in the first few days of WiFi not working properly resulting in guests not being able to make bookings and also problems with dining reservations with a few not getting seated until after 11pm despite have an 8;30 reservation and the tables had no tablecloth. The Captain had to make an announce making a apology for the early problems on board. Even so there were still plenty of guests not complaining and just en
  15. Lisbon was interesting & looked great with some of the Christmas lights. Easy to walk into the centre from the ship which was probably a bit quicker than taking the free shuttle. The worst thing about Lisbon were some of the pedestrian areas & roads with small uneven pebbles and even some quite big potholes to look out for.
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