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  1. I thought that P&O policy was that any changes were at the price on the day you booked? Have they changed this? Or is it only for select price bookings? We had a cabin booked and asked about adding our son to the booking. Because we had booked on the original release date when extra people in the cabin were free there was no charge. Also changed cabin last year, price for the cabin we moved to had gone up by £500pp since we booked but got the cabin at the cheaper price it was on the day we booked.
  2. We have had 3 and a half cruises cancelled. I do hope the protocols that have been agreed will allow cruising to restart from UK in Spring. We have 5 cruises booked at the moment so keeping fingers crossed.
  3. In a hotel the pricing is per room, a single hotel room is usually just slightly cheaper than a double, why should cruise companies be any different?
  4. T&C quite clearly states nights on-board. Try cruising for over 500 nights but only having 3600 points because they removed loads. They won't count cruise nights taken in my maiden name unless I can produce the invoices for the cruises( although Princess count them). There is no point bothering about it and refusing to travel with a company again.
  5. Had an e-mail from P&O 5 weeks ago asking me to follow links and check in online. When I tried got a message saying 'online check-in not available until 1st March' On 1st March tried again and have been trying several times a day since. Get partway through the process then it sticks and won't load any further. According to P&O 'they are aware there are problems and will have to check in as normal as they may not be fixed before we sail '
  6. We usually eat lunch in ports. Always read menu carefully lookout for'table charge' 'cover charge' 'service charge' 'bread charge' 'entertainment charge'. We have walked away from some restaurants when these are mentioned in the small print. Most expensive meal we had was 45 euros for a seafood banquet with bottle of wine, bottle of water, dessert and coffee . In Venice there are some reasonably priced restaurants just a little way from St Marks.Last time we asked a local market trader for recommendations and had a lovely Spaghetti Vongole and glass of white wine -under £10 for 2 of us , we w
  7. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/smart-home-appliances/mobile-tablet-chargers/koppla-3-port-usb-charger-art-20291890/ This is what I asked about and was told no, I wonder if I get someone else from P&O they will say yes?
  8. I don't know if people have noticed but on P&O website you are no-longer allowed to take extension leads on-board, unless for essential medical equipment and they must be checked before use.. I contacted P&O to ask if the multi usb adaptors could be used and was told no as they are an extension. I am wondering how to charge my kindle, i-pod etc . What are people to do on ships where there is no usb socket? Seems very silly to me any Ideas on what to use please?
  9. Really good idea, service charge was creeping up, probably to make up for all the people who remove it. Now some people will not be paying to cover others who refuse. Nothing to stop us giving a small tip for excellent service which is how it should be. I have been feeding this back to P&O for several years now , glad they have made this decision.
  10. We cruised on Oriana last year- was an good cruise best food we have had on P&O in last 10 years and good entertainment. Booked again for October and really looking forward to it! If they remove The other smaller ships from the fleet we too will probably not cruise with P&O. We have tried the larger ships but the cruise experience has been poor. Bad food, poor entertainment and arrogant rude passengers.
  11. As the original poster could have reached platinum level on Princess without going on a Princess cruise. I would see this as a valid question. If this is the case just show your ticket as you arrive at the terminal and they will direct you to the correct place.
  12. Been cruising since 1976. Never had an upgrade,although know many people who have and most it seems to be on their first cruise.
  13. I have found over many years of trial and error, the best thing to do is get quite a few of the very thin lightweight metal hangers. I hang a t-shirt on the hanger, then one of my husbands shirts buttoned up. When it is time to pack I carefully lay the hangers with shirts into the cases. They come out at the other end crease free and hang straight into the wardrobe, unpack in record time. I take my evening gowns and husbands suits on coat hangers and in fabric bags, they also come out of the cases crease free, are easy to unpack and the covers keep my dresses free of dust from the bottom of th
  14. I will be able to let you know soon as we sail in less than 4 weeks. I have spoken to quite a few people who have been on Adonia this summer and not heard anything negative, unless you count the tiny bathroom and poor hairdryer.Which I don't think are that important. Where it counts, food, service, atmosphere, entertainment , I have heard are all excellent. So looking forward to our cruise.
  15. With a lot of speculation I have seen over the past couple of days I am glad we are booked on Adonia for this year as it looks like anything beyond next spring is a bit in the air at the moment. The new brochure only has cruises listed until next spring 2018. Someone we were on cruise with last October has asked why the Adonia cruise they have booked for next summer is not in the brochure and they have been told they will receive a letter from P&O in the next few weeks. Sounds ominous.
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