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  1. Would love to do a "World Cruise", but must save up first to do the whole trip. I,ve done them before but whilst working as a MN Engineer so to sit back and enjoy would be marvellous.
  2. We have recently, last week, booked a Western Med. cruise on the Oceana for the end of November, I will be celebrating my 69 birthday whilst on board - we booked Getaway for the 1st time and have not been on her before so will let you know what it was like. We have sailed on the old Artemis, Oriana and Arcadia and enjoy P&O very much and anyway - nobodies perfect - and being an old MN Engineer I think I know good from bad.
  3. Any idea why P&O have changed their "Loyalty Points" system so drastically? To achieve 10% "On board discount spend" now requires 2001 points or 200 cruise days, an increase of 1000 points or 100 cruise days! I have contacted P&O and the reply received was that they had changed the name of the Club from "The P&O Cruises Portunus Club" to the "P&O Cruises Peninsular Club" - so does this explain it! I think not.
  4. I,m by no means a computer buff but an average OAP. My wife and i booked excursions through the Cruise Personaliser for our recent Arcadia cruise and found it a bit long winded but i managed it OK, so not sure what the problem is.
  5. If you want to sail in "High Season" then you go Vantage, if "Off Season" then Getaway - SIMPLE. Also, why have P&O changed their "Loyalty Points" so DRASTICALLY, what now! an EXTRA 1000 "Loyalty Points" to reach their 10% "On Board Discount" - What happens to their "IN-BETWEEN" Loyal Customers? like me!
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