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  1. Hi Just pressed onto the link below from the e-shot received on Friday. Love this interactive suitcase showing the benefits of cruising.....particularly liked the world cruise piece and the Strictly Cruise information, then it is one of my favorite TV shows ;-) Take a look and let me know what you think? http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/po-cruises-unpack/
  2. excellent review thank you for sharing, have always been concerned re taking a shorter cruise with Cunard that it would disappoint compared with a cruise with many ports. From your review it has me thinking over wise.
  3. love the advert makes you want to book another cruise......
  4. Amazing idea......think this fits in perfectly.....
  5. We did the tours through P&O Cruises including the Ballet in the evening which was amazing, if you book the cruise line you do not have to worry about visa's it is all taken care of. St.Petersburg was an amazing experience but I would make sure you are booked via a reputable company whilst on tours, might be worth paying the extra money for security and peace of mind in this port and go via Princess for the tours.
  6. Loving looking through the new cruises, especially love Adonia's Discovery cruises, overnights in port and the pricing looks fantastic....just need to decide what to book and then convince the other half......wish me luck...
  7. The vouchers are available inconjunction with select fare so you still get the choice of onboard credit/car parking or Coach travel. You recessive the vouchers before you travel so you can treat yourself to some holiday clothes which sounds good to me, I also like m&s food so could find a way to spend them. I think p&o are trying some new things which is good and let's face it last year everyone was moaning about pricing going down too low and now the prices look to me like they are going up which is another good thing as that's the way it should be. I have already booked and am happy
  8. Do you really think if Scotland gains independence that the British flag will change!!!!! Can't believe how many people are commenting re this on different sites and are so negative towards certain cruise lines or changes, live the new look and what I have seen so far of Britannia......exciting times ahead for cruising.
  9. absolutely love the new look and am really excited to see the ships with the new flag concept and funnels......I am however, not surprised to see mixed reviews on here and on some other sites but as a company P&O Cruises cannot stand still and need to evolve in a very competitive market. Seen some comments re regional flights not being offered by P&O Cruises, correct me if I am wrong but you can add on regional flights to get to Southampton and also if you book on a Select Price you can choose coach travel from a lot of area's around the UK. I have also seen they have introduced ne
  10. It is really easy to get around Barcelona and to get to the park, there are hop on hop off buses which stop there and if you have a day you will be able to get off at a couple of other interesting areas, as well as see some amazing buildings on route. You can pick up the bus from the bottom of The Ramblas which is not far from the entrance of the docks. I loved Barcelona due to all of the amazing buildings and Gaudi influence and spent three days there before joining a cruise. To get from the port to the park I would estimate it is around 3 miles which sounds a long way but believe me it rea
  11. If you book the P&O Cruises Select Fare which is the higher fare, you do get your choice of dinning at time of booking as well as your choice of cabin as I called Bolsover today for a quote, you also have a choice of on board credit/car parking or coach travel. Until end of Feb there is also an extra on board credit offer on cruises. I was asked for quotes on 2 different cruises one for May and one for September and the offer was available on both. There is also an Early Saver offer on selected grades and cruises but this fare you do not get your dinning or cabin guaranteed just the
  12. Great forum with lots of interesting discussions and knowledgeable cruisers....keep up the good work Bolsover
  13. I think you have missed the point.....it is portraying a couple who's kids leave home (in the small salon loaded with luggage) and then the parents doing things they have always wanted to do....hence getting rid of family car and buying a sports car...it is not talking about activities on board a ship.....it is more about doing what you have always dreamed of. I think this advert is so away from what they have always completed and is probably more aimed at people who have always thought about a cruise but never taken a cruise as a holiday option. For me it just reminded me of enjoying myself a
  14. Agree Philip it made me think about booking my next cruise too, just finalizing dates and options....
  15. Anyone seen the new tv advert for P&O Cruises? I thought it was really different....check the link on You Tube if you have not seen it...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyzGevk23Og
  16. I too have sailed on QM2 across the transatlantic and found the service to be amazing and I am also in the younger category age group. The dinning experience in Britannia was fantastic as was the service around the whole ship. There is so much to do onboard with guest lecturers who are always of the highest standards, we had some astronauts from Nassa who were really interesting on our crossing, The Red Lion pub had an amazing Dixie band play every lunch time whilst enjoying your English pub food, cinema, dancing lessons, great shows, and then great dancing in the Queens Room, or the night clu
  17. I believe not as this is classed as a dinning option
  18. If you book the early saver you do not know the sitting your on until you board the ship. I believe you will not be able to change on board as when you book this is in the terms and conditions.
  19. I asked this question and you can use your future cruise deposit on early saver and cunard fare or p&o fare, don't know the dinning answer though sorry
  20. I understand though that the saver fares are more restrictive although on the same deposit basis. So you will get second choice of dinning option and not confirmed until onboard and cabin not guaranteed just grade. Whereas the other fare you can choose cabin and dining with the choice of benefits. I guess this is giving people choice on if you want added value and peace of mind of cabin number, dinning or if you just want value on price and don't mind where the cabin is or what dinning you want, I know which one I would rather book. Someone else has mentioned savers, not sure what this is but
  21. Hi has anyone been on a strictly cruise with P&O Cruises? I love strictly and am keen to see what the feedback on these cruises are? Does anyone know when the next ones are? Thank you in advance :-)
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