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  1. Like Richard, I'm amazed there's a great deal of demand for this today. It must certainly be on the decline, unless cruises are especially appealing to religious sorts. I'd be surprised if P&O would want to invest any money in this now, but I could be wrong. As the Americans are still a lot more religious might the American lines offer a better service? I've no idea as I don't believe in that sort of thing.
  2. Thanks RobBar - I did check my insurance and all of the things I'd like to do are fine. Though I did have some debate for my cruise next year on Anthem, as I'm unsure whether the Sky Diving Simulator comes under Sky Diving or something else. I'll need to give them a call about that one!!
  3. Hi everyone, Some of you already know this, but I have my own personal cruising blog where I live-blog the trips I go on. The next one is coming up soon, so if you want to sail with me as I go (with lots of photos) then please come and visit. There are a lot of new things to me on this cruise, so if you want to see my first impressions and thoughts as a relative cruising newbie, come and join the fun! You can check back daily (which I the frequency of my posts while sailing) or hit the little 'Follow' button, enter your e-mail address, and my blog will automatically let you know w
  4. I had a real scary experience in Gibraltar this year where a little girl got attacked by one of the apes. They are wild animals and should be treated with appropriate respect. Signs warning of the dangers and plentiful. I can't say I enjoyed seeing the apes, though I did enjoy walking around the rock otherwise.
  5. Hi Richard! I'd definitely upgrade all of your devices, as I understand they are all fairly recent models. It doesn't especially matter which order you do it in. I upgraded my MacBook Air > iMac > iPhone > iPad but it really doesn't make much difference, and don't feel compelled to do it all at the same time / on the same day. Of course certain new features won't work until the devices you want to use with those features with are upgraded, but don't worry about it! Any other specific advice, just shout
  6. Yeah, I manually resized the image on my computer then re-uploaded it.
  7. Incidentally, another problem I noticed is that my avatar has been deleted, and they have now imposed a rather tiny file size restriction for avatars. Given the volume of grey circles on here today, it seems I'm not the only one who was affected...
  8. I'm seeing this too. I see they've switched from using the cruiseclubforum domain to hosting the forum on the main Bolsover domain - really confused my password manager! Other more established forums have lost members due to technical faults. So far this blossoming new forum has been largely problem-free and certainly the most aesthetically pleasing and modern design. I hope this isn't the start of a plague of issues...
  9. I totally disagree. Real smoking should be banned in all public areas, staterooms and balconies, with the exception of dedicated areas for smokers located to minimise smoke travelling to other areas. eCigs I have no problem with, and frankly wouldn't object to them being used by someone at dinner sitting next to me. They give off no smell and don't interfere with me, so I don't care if people want to do them. Cruise lines seem to be taking a compromise approach (presumably to placate people like you) and allow eCigs in staterooms and balconies, but not in public areas. I suppose
  10. Probably my favourite space on a ship is probably the Commodore Club on Queen Mary 2. Second to that, though is any of the similar lounges that offer the high-up sea views. Wonderful!
  11. That's understandable! I love it, but I can see why some might be careful who they watch it with. I just can't wait for the next season now!
  12. Welcome aboard! What an big question! There's so much to consider, and what cruise line and ship you want to sail on will largely depend on what you want from a cruise. Do you have any preconceptions that attract you to cruising, or that put you off? This might help identify a line that would be suitable for you. Which line / ship? There's so much to choose from, and it's not the case that cruising is cruising. Different experiences will suit different people, and you need to pick the one that's right for you or you risk having a bad time. Some things to consider (maybe post a
  13. There have been some great blogs written by a fellow forum member who has enjoyed many a world cruise. It might be worth digging it out and having a read (though it wasn't published on this forum, I don't think). For me, I don't think I could stomach a world cruise at the moment. I certainly wouldn't want to book one without having done a sector or other longer cruise first. What's the longest cruise you've done? If it's only 2 weeks, the I reckon you could play it safe and try a world cruise sector first. It would give you a taste of the world cruise atmosphere on board (which I'm
  14. My own view on cabin choice is that most people tend to buy what they can comfortably afford. For me, having a balcony is important and I wouldn't want to travel in a cabin that didn't have one. I tend to look at deck plans to get staterooms with an oversized balcony where this is possible, and will gladly pay more for it. A balcony stateroom is affordable for me, and the price difference between an inside or an outside is small enough (to me) that it's worth it. I don't feel the same way about a suite. On a 2-week Anthem of the Seas cruise that I'm considering for next September, a
  15. dst87


    I quite agree, though I'm not sure specifically what you're referring to. Have I missed something?
  16. Welcome aboard! There are a lot of P&O fans on this forum so I'm sure you'll get whatever help and advice you need! Sounds like you'll be able to contribute quite a bit too - we're a largely friendly bunch
  17. Thanks Squiffy! I had great fun writing it. There'll be another in November when I'm on Splendour of the Seas with a friend of mine. If you're subscribed you should get updates as and when it happens
  18. I wouldn't count on the service charge being waived for the bionic bar. I would imagine it will be pooled and distributed, perhaps even including the maintenance staff too!
  19. Mine is rather boring I'm sorry to say. My name is Duncan STevenson and I was born in '87! I can't remember when I started using it, but it's short and often available so I can use it in multiple places!
  20. It was somewhat chilly... No amount of Scottish weather can prepare you for a face-full of ice-cold water! I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice wake-up call!
  21. I haven't seen this mentioned on here yet, and it's totally off-topic (but a great cause). I've been trying to avoid being nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge (click the link to read what this is on Wikipedia if you don't already know) but one of my neighbours kindly involved me in this worldwide craze, so I've gone along with it (it was somewhat exhilarating). In the hopes that video will at least make someone laugh (more than likely at me...) I'm posting it and encouraging everyone else to donate to their local Motor Neurone Disease charity. If you have a mobile phone you can text:
  22. Sounds like someone needs to read up on the dress code a bit... There are lines who offer a more relaxed dress code if that's what you're looking for.
  23. Actually, if you are interested in a specific cabin, the S-class cabin spreadsheet might be of use to you. It is an ongoing project of cabin reviews from a CruiseCritic post, hosted in Google Docs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AtHczoNeooladEEyVmQwWmJhaGItbFZPUFNudTFZcEE If you want to find reviews for a specific cabin, use the drop-down menu in Col A to select the cabin number. If you want a particular category of cabin (e.g. 2D) use the drop-down in Col-D.
  24. All of the balcony cabins on Eclipse are identical in terms of layout and size. I'm not sure what the 2D is described as specifically, but i believe that the most obstructed balcony on Eclipse has the roof of the lifeboat in line with the balcony railing. This will be problematic when sitting down, but if you want to stand up and look out to sea, you won't have a problem. Your view down to the sea will almost certainly also be obstructed. Hope this helps!
  25. dst87

    Sky Tv

    Don't... I wish I could get Virgin Media. Not for the TV - I couldn't care less about that - but for the broadband! I miss the 50Mb service I had in my old house, which would now be over 100Mb. TV-wise, if I didn't get a cheap deal from Sky I wouldn't keep the TV. I so rarely watch live TV.
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