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  1. Welcome aboard! I too am new, and it seems like a friendly place so far
  2. The meal we had in Murano on Celebrity Eclipse and S.S. United States on Celebrity Infinity has to win for me. Here's a flavour of what to expect. Scallop Wellington (Murano) Six mini deserts (Murano) Goats Cheese Soufflé (S.S. United States) Potato laced French Turbot (S.S. United States) Tableside preparation of the Crêpe Ballon Rouge (S.S. United States) Crêpe Ballon Rouge (S.S. United States) If that all doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what will
  3. Further to Firefly's comment above, I believe NCL are fairly unrestrictive with their smoking policy. From their website:
  4. Summer was late to start this year, but it's remained warm and fairly dry even until now (although it's pretty cold today)! Where in Scotland are you visiting? Have you been before?
  5. Thanks Richard! I see from your 20 posts that you're already off to a flying start! I rather like the look of this forum - very up to date. Photographic contributions to follow as the opportunity arises
  6. I can see where you're going with this argument, but I'd say this more applies to non-smokers. You, as a smoker, can use all of the same facilities (including your balcony) as non-smokers. If you're allowed to smoke on your balcony then adjacent non-smokers (who may have asthma or other respiratory issues) cannot use their balcony.
  7. Thanks Tom! Might take me a while to get my bearings!
  8. I sailed on Eclipse in May this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. When we sailed the dress codes were mostly adhered to, but are relatively relaxed anyway. We found mostly smart-casual (where smart jeans and a shirt are acceptable) with the off formal night (where a suit is required). Many wore tuxedos and the ship certainly had a different feel on formal nights, as you would hope. I expect you'll thoroughly enjoy your cruise on Eclipse. I wrote a review of her on my blog which you're welcome to read if you want a little taster. The blog itself has plenty of photos too, although much
  9. Richard, Nice to see you I believe signature images are limited to 200x200px
  10. Hello everyone, I've just found this forum (I'm a member of one other) and I rather like the layout so though I'd say hello! I'm quite young (26 - when do I have to stop saying that I'm young?) and have only recently started cruising after getting loads of great advice from members of the other forum. Hopefully I can contribute something here and share what limited experience I have, as well as learn plenty from the old-timers I also have a blog that I use when cruising, mainly for family and friends, but made public so anyone can cruise along with me!
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