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  1. I personally thought they did a good job bearing in mind there was no live audience to give it atmosphere and the weather was less than kind.
  2. I understand that as far as proof of vaccination is concerned it will be available on the NHS app on your smart phone.
  3. Hi 2torts, I wish you a speedy recovery, never nice to break bones. I had my 2nd jab start of April and was lucky in that I had no ill effects on either jab.
  4. I have been with them since retirement nearly 13 years ago but had a notification that this year is their last of offering travel insurance to the retirement organisation I am a member of.
  5. It will be interesting in several ways. Firstly when the ship is more than 12 miles out it has left 'British' waters and is in 'International' waters and if it enters the waters of a different nation (Non UK) will this count as foreign travel. Secondly what if the ship docks in a foreign port even though no passengers are allowed to go ashore does this count as visiting a foreign jurisdiction to which the 'Traffic Light' system will apply. And thirdly as the ships are not UK registered could you be classed as going overseas when you step on them. I don't know the answers but it would be intere
  6. Highlights of the Day, do you think it could go something like this on no port cruises, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your cruise director speaking. Just before midday I would ask you to line the starboard side of the ship to cheer the "MV Going No Where" as she passes us going in the opposite direction. This will be repeated at 1500hrs as the "MV Haven't Been Anywhere" passes. The entertainment team will lead the cheering."
  7. I did also Pesky but then re-purchased when they hit rock bottom Today they closed at 1575.5
  8. Quite agree Sinbad10. All the cruise companies have borrowed eye watering amounts of money and expended large amounts on new ships and it is these new ships that will return the required profits to repay that which has been borrowed. Cruise companies are like any other company, yes they enjoy loyalty but loyalty doesn't pay the bills in many cases. Aurora and Arcadia, built in 2000 and 2004 respectively still have useful life in them but will return much lower profits than the new ships simply because of running costs and will eventually go. P&O have a lot of competition in the large ship
  9. Shares are at last appearing to be on the rise, currently at a sustained rate. Carnival Corp. 35%, Royal Caribbean 40% and Norwegian Holdings 29% over the last month. Lets hope it continues.
  10. Christmas Wishes to everyone and may 2021 be a year to remember, but for all the right reasons.
  11. With the announcement of a vaccine it looks like cruising could come back sooner than many expected. It is now up to the regulators, fingers crossed.
  12. Like HLM I will not cruise with restrictions in place and not being able to go ashore and wander around. To me freedom to go where I want when ashore is high on my list of cruise 'Likes'. It's a time when you get to see the real culture of the area as opposed to what the tour guides want you to see. I can understand the logic of it under current circumstances but is not for me. My other worry is those that don't wash their hands after using the toilet, those that refuse to sanitise their hands prior to entering a buffet or restaurant, those that don't obey the rules. No one misses cruising mor
  13. So here we go again. Another 4 weeks of lock down but will it suppress the virus, who knows. If it doesn't what next. Interesting to note that Bolsover are now selling land based holidays, is this an indication they can't see cruising returning anytime soon. And when they do return does anyone want to risk sailing without a vaccine. Lets wait and see.
  14. You make a good point towny44 but unfortunately times change.
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