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  1. Christmas Wishes to everyone and may 2021 be a year to remember, but for all the right reasons.
  2. With the announcement of a vaccine it looks like cruising could come back sooner than many expected. It is now up to the regulators, fingers crossed.
  3. Like HLM I will not cruise with restrictions in place and not being able to go ashore and wander around. To me freedom to go where I want when ashore is high on my list of cruise 'Likes'. It's a time when you get to see the real culture of the area as opposed to what the tour guides want you to see. I can understand the logic of it under current circumstances but is not for me. My other worry is those that don't wash their hands after using the toilet, those that refuse to sanitise their hands prior to entering a buffet or restaurant, those that don't obey the rules. No one misses cruising mor
  4. So here we go again. Another 4 weeks of lock down but will it suppress the virus, who knows. If it doesn't what next. Interesting to note that Bolsover are now selling land based holidays, is this an indication they can't see cruising returning anytime soon. And when they do return does anyone want to risk sailing without a vaccine. Lets wait and see.
  5. You make a good point towny44 but unfortunately times change.
  6. Problem is sinbad10 forums are past their sell by date. When they first began in about 1985 they were the 'In' thing and from there forums sprang up that specialised in various subjects, such as cruising. When Facebook began in 2004 people began to move away from forums as they acquired 'Friends and Followers' to their FB accounts. Some cruise forums continued to expand as did cruising along with the number of cruise lines. Now cruising has come to a virtual stop with no restart date in sight, the cruise forums have suffered as their main topic has been taken away. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  7. Sorry to see you go Anchors-aweigh but I fear I will be doing the same very soon.
  8. I agree sinbad10. The forum I am a moderator for is checked every morning and evening for spam, weekends as well.
  9. And not just those in the Cyrillic alphabet. More posts than the forum has seen in weeks 😂😂 Wonder how long it will take the admin to to notice them 🤭
  10. Interesting statement Anchors-aweigh, how do we know it was only one person rather than the street market theory that could have infected many.
  11. On coaches, indoors, enclosed spaces and other times when close, yes we wore masks
  12. Obviously not as this is what we had on our cruise last week and daily testing.
  13. Last week I did a 5 day English river cruise and the company had thought about everything to make passengers safe. Yes, it was a very small ship, only 16 on board but they insisted on mask wearing in public areas, had devised a one-way system, each table was for two and separated from others by a clear perspex screen and each table had its own air supply. The table condiments, milk, hot water and drinking water stayed on that table as did utensils and the hand sanitiser dispenser. The whole ship had sanitisers at all entrances, temperatures were taken daily. The meals were as good as any of th
  14. Just been announced that Carnival have sold Sun Princess and Sea Princess to undisclosed buyers.
  15. CMV did this with Tilbury and then further embarkation in Amsterdam the next day. Amsterdam was always day 2 so nothing repeated.
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