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  1. Hi 2torts. Yes getting back to it. Marella in January, Fred Olsen in March and Marella again in November. Should have been with Hebridean in May but the river ship I was due on had thruster problems so it was cancelled. Hopefully on it next year. Had cruises booked for Celebrity in September and MSC in October but had to cancel due to having a fall in Bulgaria in August and fracturing my femur.
  2. Just looked in, first time in months and am surprised that none of the old names are appearing. Has everyone deserted or is it a case that no one is currently cruising?
  3. Welcome to the forum Paul. The ships look lovely during the Christmas period but prices can rise considerably over that period. If you do decide to choose a Christmas cruise try and do one that is in Funchal for New Years Eve as the firework display is spectacular.
  4. Returned last Sunday from 5 days on Fred Olsen's new ship Bolette. I have always been a fan of 'Fred' but have to say this ship, ex HAL Rotterdam, really is a step up. The View, name given to the buffet does the most amazing stir fries, you select what you want in it. 2 speciality restaurants, Vasco specialising in Goan Cuisine and free of charge on my cruise and Colours and Tastes specialising in Asian Fusion and costing £5, amazing value for money. The regular 'Fred' venues are on board but so many new ones. So glad to have sampled it, now want to go again.
  5. 13 days time and I should all being well be on Virtuosa. Will be interesting to see what is new and how the healthy protocol operates. Then it's Fred Olsen next month so something to compare it with. I see 2 passengers were not allowed back on a Celebrity ship on the other side of the Atlantic after disobeying the health rules by going ashore by themselves.
  6. I understood that you formed a "Table Bubble" which is great if you happen to like the people on your table and you all have the same likes and dislikes.
  7. I am sure those onboard all the ships that are sailing will have an enjoyable time. I was due to have been on Virtuosa last Saturday out of Southampton but I was cancelled. Like other cruise lines they had assumed they would, after the 21st June, be able to sail 50% full but with Boris continuing the restrictions this brought them back to the 1,000 maximum. 2,000 of us were cancelled. Now due to sail end of July. Also due to be on Freds new ship, Bolette, in August but with Scottish cruise ports closed to cruise ships not sure what will happen. At least on a positive note with ships insi
  8. I personally thought they did a good job bearing in mind there was no live audience to give it atmosphere and the weather was less than kind.
  9. I understand that as far as proof of vaccination is concerned it will be available on the NHS app on your smart phone.
  10. Hi 2torts, I wish you a speedy recovery, never nice to break bones. I had my 2nd jab start of April and was lucky in that I had no ill effects on either jab.
  11. I have been with them since retirement nearly 13 years ago but had a notification that this year is their last of offering travel insurance to the retirement organisation I am a member of.
  12. It will be interesting in several ways. Firstly when the ship is more than 12 miles out it has left 'British' waters and is in 'International' waters and if it enters the waters of a different nation (Non UK) will this count as foreign travel. Secondly what if the ship docks in a foreign port even though no passengers are allowed to go ashore does this count as visiting a foreign jurisdiction to which the 'Traffic Light' system will apply. And thirdly as the ships are not UK registered could you be classed as going overseas when you step on them. I don't know the answers but it would be intere
  13. Highlights of the Day, do you think it could go something like this on no port cruises, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your cruise director speaking. Just before midday I would ask you to line the starboard side of the ship to cheer the "MV Going No Where" as she passes us going in the opposite direction. This will be repeated at 1500hrs as the "MV Haven't Been Anywhere" passes. The entertainment team will lead the cheering."
  14. I did also Pesky but then re-purchased when they hit rock bottom Today they closed at 1575.5
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