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  1. Yes it is nice to see her back,I did not think the other option would last long.
  2. I think that the passengers are being taken for a RIDE not a cruise.
  3. 4 days at sea is not that long obviously you do not like long cruises which of course is your choice.P&O do these short cruises to fill in the time between the longer cruises and also it gives the first timers a taste of what cruising is all about.
  4. But it will not be on the Adonia anytime soon,as she is not with P&O at present.
  5. They don't seem to have the same system as the older locks,no engines either side which was very good to watch . The new locks seem to have tugs instead does this make it quicker to transit the locks ?
  6. Oh, so only P&O have rude passengers you must live in a very sheltered bubble.
  7. I think a lot of people have actually forgot what tipping is all about, You normally give a tip to reward service OVER & ABOVE what you would normally expect. Not because they come from poor countries or are young working away from home. I think sometimes there is a I GIVE MORE than you attitude from some passengers some people SAVE for a long time to go on a cruise, some people are more fortunate and can go on numerous cruises . P.S How many people reward there REFUSE collectors (out in all weathers ) moving your rubbish or the nurses who work long hours and face all kinds of verbal &am
  8. When you look at the price of jewellery and watches on board I wonder how many people actually purchase these items at the quoted prices, those that do must have more money than sense IMO although it is there's to waste I suppose.
  9. I think this is a good idea. I am sure you Would miss him but then again would he want to be Found
  10. Exactly River Song The most sensible comment to be posted IMO if we all thought and did the same things life would be very bland.
  11. We also received the same Text message this morning will have to see what my wife think's it is certainly good value and it is on a ship that we like the only issue is were we live the coach fare down to Southampton is one prohibited cost I think we will have to move down to the Southampton area but otherwise a very good deal
  12. I obviously can as you do not actually answer my point's like a good politician you skirt round the facts
  13. Thank goodness for that HOW DARE LOW LIFE go on a cruise ship with you
  14. Two points Falmouth Girl,First Point P&O do NOT pay there airfare the Agent pays the airfare then the crew member has to repay the agent. Second Point a lot of cruise staff were British till the cruise lines got rid of them for cheaper crew from guess were? did the British public complain NO that is a fact as my son worked for P&O and he and all the British seamen where offloaded for cheaper foreign crew FACT.
  15. GiGI. Without being rude have you ever thought about the regime of using a toilet ? What is the First thing you touch when entering a toilet ? A Door or handle then you enter a cubicle another Door then the lock then possibly the seat even to wipe it then you touch the Flush button then the reverse procedure to exit the cubicle then next you touch the soap dispenser then the Tap and maybe even the waste paper bin and again the exit door handle even with a paper towel. Oh and don't forget you WILL have touched your clothing in this procedure of just nipping to the Loo. I think you make it
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