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  1. Thanks for the link , but I wil not be needed any injections as I have had mine done on a regular basis over the years, and some last ten years and some you do not need to top up every year.
  2. Hello Richard, Can you tell me if the head waiter in Britannia Club was Oliver he is from Singapore? Lovely man, great head waiter, and I really like him.
  3. portholepolly

    Cuppa tea

    Quite right Paulinkpen. Who wants to make their own cuppa when you can have it served? It would be like sleeping in the kitchen.
  4. I had my flu jab today and that is all I will be having and will be going to India and Hong Kong as in previous years. No injection required as far as I am aware.
  5. You will find that all these countries will take US dollars. I know this for sure as I world cruise a lot. Or use a credit card if buying larger items or getting cash out of the ATM. Halifax Clarity Card or Post Office credit do not charge overseas fees.
  6. I am one of those people who looks at other peoples profiles now and again to see what they are writing about. Sometimes I may not log in for a few days so to catch up on people I know have posted, I will see what topic they are involved with in case I may want to join in.
  7. You should try different cruise lines as you say the choice is there. Princess are far better than P&O and Cunard even better still! Celebrity good the world is waiting for you! Go for it!
  8. P&O are no longer the Great British cruise company they used to be. Many people remember them as they were and feel todays cruising is going down hill. New cruisers are a different breed of people and they want different things. P&O try to be all things to all people. They have lost the game plan. Their glory days are well gone and they need to decide how they want to go. I think they will go for mass market, dumbing down, mass market clients. They have downgraded their image, but that is fine by me. I just don't use them now a days as there are better companies around. Shop around
  9. Solent Richard, wonderful photos, I really feel I am there on the ship. Many thanks for posting.
  10. I have done this trip a few times and will be doing it again next year. I have never had a vaccination. You could check with you Dr if you are concerned.
  11. I have looked into this option of going on a cargo ship but it is quite expensive. I also looked into the "Peace Boat" that does a world cruise each year where you work your way around the world as volunteer or pay to be there. The prices for a world cruise are the same as an outside on Cunard world cruise. http://peaceboat.org/english/
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