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  1. Yes I do believe Fred Olsen ships need looking at. Just returned from a cruise to Canada and we could not dock at the last 2 stops because of the Ice and Snow. now probably it was too early in the Year to be sailing up the East Coast of Canada, BUT if it had been a ship not as old as the BOUDICCA we maybe could have gone and seen Red Bay, we may even have been able to sail away on time from Sydney without the threat of the wind too dangerous. Then maybe Fred Olsen should have known it did not make sense to Cruise to Canada in May.
  2. My flight was for 8.10am and I arrived at Gatwick (North) at 5.45a.m. Plenty of time I would have thought for checking in and a browse around the Duty Free. Even time for a breakfast one would think. Well everybody travelling with Easyjet checks in their luggage at the same check-ins. As I got to the front of the queue my flight number was called for boarding. So no I did not have time to even grab a coffee, which means that the Airport are missing out here on people have a spend before they go on their way. I did not choose the airline, it was all part of the package, but I will try to avoid
  3. P & O do a cruise around British Isles. I went in August 2011. Adult's only ship which made it very enjoyable sailing during school holidays and not having unruly children spoiling my holiday. I made that mistake once. A 2 week Med. cruise during school holidays. Never again. I don't think you can really blame the teenage children for misbehaving. They must feel very confined on a ship. but cruising is really not for teenagers.
  4. I've had heart operation and I am 81 yrs old and found Staysure Insur. very good. also Avanti Max. They were very cheap for a week only in Europe. I recommend Staysure for Cruise Insurance.
  5. Unless you want to travel to a particular place then I would suggest you just look out for special offers regarding single occupancy for a bargain. For example ..when I wanted to do the British Isles ,adult only ship I had to pay double ,which is a bit unfair as you only eat food for one. When I just wanted a Cruise and not really bothered where the ship sailed to then I found a good bargain on NCL. I had a Mini Suite and it cost just a little over the price of an inside cabin. Best bargain to date. Iglu does quite a few bargains for single travellers. Be prepared to book something at the
  6. Don't forget the obvious, which is make sure you are not booking a cruise during the school holidays. Made that mistake once....never again. The children get bored by the end of their holiday and that's when they start to get unruly, noisy, rude and up to all sorts of mischief. Not really the right kind of holiday for children and of course you never ever see their parents with them. I would think there may be more chance of NO children on an expensive cruise line.
  7. Try Staysure for travel insurance. I had open heart surgery last year and the Cardiac rehab. group recommend several insurance companies that take you after heart surgery and when you are elderly (I am 81) Staysure gave the best quote. It was only slightly more than what you have been quoted and that was for annual travel including Europe and Far East.
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