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  1. marshall, I have previously asked Bolsover to create a section purely for us disabled passengers a few times but to-date seems to have gone amiss for exactly this reason so peple can give there own experiences and advise!!! However, after saying all that we gave up the flying as I have had some terrible experiences with service and as you have probably found out your not a 'human' any more! (not fly-cruise mind) but have just stuck to getting on the ship direct! However we have tried all the P&O ships, now thing of some other line but would be interested how you got on as this
  2. Has anybody had difficulty in achieving the flight carrier baggage allowance going on say a 14 day or more cuisse? I think these type of holidays should have an increased allowance if you’re going cruising, my wife says she is ‘going on a holiday, not a launderette experience’!!!
  3. Rosgordo, Hi, surely the nice part is you’re on a relaxing cruise holiday in the sun just enjoy where the ship takes you! As you say you have ‘done’ the ports of call before so think of this as new adventure!!!
  4. We have just done the P&O Canaries on the Aurora last month, Whilst the protein was plated they served accompanying vegetables which were varied every evening from which you could have asked for as much or little you wanted! For myself near the end of the cruise my Neuralgia was causing me difficulty in eating, again I would ask for generally chicken which is soft and easy to eat having the vegetables they brought round and they catered without exception to my every request! Or is this just on certain ships, I hope not doing Ventura sister ship the Azura in September next year!!!
  5. We were on a vantage fare but as the cost had dropped you are give the difference in OBS, however I believe P&O are thinking about dropping the Vantage fare as they are losing money in the game!!! Sill booked our next cruise on board especially because of the FCD = you can your your credit card !
  6. Oban in the Fjords, one shop (spar), souvenir shop, small (and mean small!) coffee shop and couple of little workshops. Why a ship the size Ventura goes there, couldn't get up stream any further the was a bridge crossing it, don't know how a ship that size managed it!
  7. Oh it has to be my own pillow!!! My pillow, which effectively is a beer mat really, has been all over the world. When the time has come to purchase a new one it takes me months to break it in!!! There is nothing worse that not getting your sleep when on holiday because of a change in pillows!
  8. Oh that reminds me of another of her favourite, strawberry daiquiri!!! - Thanks
  9. We found with all MP White venues on any ship the food is great service great but it is rather 'one out one in' speed with the food you have to keep asking for time between courses!
  10. We, or rather my wife, must indulge in the obligatory pre-dinner cocktails, or more, she is rather partial to a 'Brambles' but on our next cruise she will definitely be heading for the 'Azura Blue', I believe it's called, served in this conical shaped spherical receptacle resting on ice in a glass! I don't know what it tastes like but must admit it is dramatic!!!
  11. We have just booked whilst on board the Aurora this month a very similar cruise from Southampton and back on the Azura (Just so happened ship was going to places we wanted to visit) next year, going to virtually all the places mentioned. calling at such places like Ajaccio, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome etc. After reading some of above replies adding to my expectations of seeing these places
  12. Well my normal beer to drink would be John Smiths but it's cheaper to drink that on board a P&O ship as it is in the locals down here in the South East!!! However must admit we normally drink bottles and bottles of Prosecco and at £18+ a bottle seems to make that insignificant !!!
  13. Oh I agree Land Ahoy, how can it be green when you yourself have to buy the paper and the ink (oh as well as the pages you have wasted) and all they do at some time is bin them, so all in all same paper wastage, more ink (as it's a home printer) and just the same land fill unless they make money from recycling!!! Although I also agree with the 'girls', when you get that pack it's like the start of your holiday!!!
  14. Re PipPip reply P&O Oriana had a ventriloquist on thier last one, a young guy who had been on Britains got talent and he was refreshingly different, really enjoyed it, made a difference to the 'normal' shows and the older comedians. Even to a older crowd he had everyone laughing. The normal shows have started wearing a bit thin, especially with the amount of mistakes they made, true they were a new group but they spent all of thier time round the pool instead of rehersing! Oh yes we saw him on The Aurora s few weeks ago, he was very good, particularly in his second show! Word mus
  15. Does anyone know if P&O read the comments under this section or even if say Bolsover pass them on?
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