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  1. Their main currency is Kuna and having been to Croatia myself many times, I would take it anyway and pay by cc. You may be able to pay for accommodation with Euros. They are in the EU but have decided to keep the Kuna.
  2. Thanks for your responses. I’ll keep an open mind and keep looking 😉
  3. Is anyone booking their 2021 cruises yet given that today we leave the EU?
  4. Fantastic. Thank you for all your responses. The reason I’m looking at a luxury cruise is I missed out on a lux holiday for my 60th birthday due to a ‘friend’s’ dithering, hence the solo choice. I will certainly have a look at your suggestions.
  5. As a solo traveller is Silversea cruises worth the money or is there a cruise line to sail with who give better value? I’m new to cruises but I think this is the way I want to go with regards to holidays with the odd beach holiday in between.
  6. Thank you Andrew. That’s very helpful.
  7. I am new to cruising and have booked a cruise with TUI Marella for September. I am a solo traveller and I wondered if there are any tips you can pass on to me on the best solo cruises or cruise lines to go on and what to expect. I am a young at heart woman in her 60s. Many thanks in advance.
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