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    vamp23 reacted to ron in One Year On   
    OOps someone is not happy ,myself I have always found the majority of Richards posts very informative and his photos very good so why would someone bring up the past!!!.
    This is the one and only forum I have ever been a member of and do not wish to be told of previous forums or there members,we all try to keep this forum friendly so why bring bad blood across to this one
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    vamp23 reacted in One Year On   
    I happened to glance at my profile earlier and saw that it is just over a year since I joined this forum.
    That gave me the idea to ask a question of myself.
    What is it that i like personally about the Bolsover Cruise Club Forum.
    The answer as easy.
    I think it's about the members who generally are a most discerning group of cruisers, most with considerable knowledge of life in a cruising environment.
    I could of course  add to that by saying that the majority also come across as not relying on the forum for their social existence. That is what makes it so much better: we pop in and out, have our say, and contribute just as much as we see fit.
    What's your take?
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    vamp23 got a reaction from J-Dog in Im A Celebrity   
    I agree J-Dog if it wasnt for Ant & Dec I wouldnt bother watching .  I think she will be left in the slammer .If she does get out definately the public will vote her for every challenge
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    vamp23 reacted to Matilda_1 in What Will You Choose? Free Drinks + Free On Board Spend Or Free Gratuities?,   
    I meant to say busy person not bust-y
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    vamp23 reacted to J-Dog in Im A Celebrity   
    Bit disappointing this year, I think they are scraping the barrel with the so called 'celebrities'
    Although I can't wait for the dumb ass that is essex bird to get into the camp so the public can vote her in for every challenge, which, I am praying for every night!
    Now that will be good viewing!!
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    vamp23 reacted to RiverSong in Mosquito Bite   
    I read the report in the Daily Mail and this is the first time I have heard anything about it!  Like most articles that the Mail produce I can understand why anyone travelling there may be concerned.  My understanding is this has been going on since last December, putting into perspective the volume of travellers that will have gone to the Caribbean on land based as well as cruise holidays I can guarantee if this was a major problem we would of heard more about it before now, and the World Health Organization would be involved?  Let’s be honest the media love a story like this.  I am not dismissing anyone that has come in contact with this virus, but it would never stop me travelling to the Caribbean and what better way to see it than on the comfort of a cruise ship.  If anyone is really concerned surely the first point of call would be your Doctors?
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    vamp23 got a reaction from KeithnRita in Is There Anything You Miss?   
    I am sad I take my own tea bags popsicle
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    vamp23 reacted to Popsicle in Is There Anything You Miss?   
    A 'proper' cup of tea!!! Never the same.
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    vamp23 reacted to blondie in Is There Anything You Miss?   
    for me its beans on toast with cheese on .. beaut  
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    vamp23 reacted to RiverSong in Gurantee Cabins - Is It Worth It?   
    I know when my Aunty called Bolsover about a cruise recently she was offered both options with P&O, and the Saver fare was explained in full.  If you chose to pay the lower price and are not happy with the cabin when it is allocated why should the operator change the cabin?  If your very flexible the Saver fares are really good value, but not suitable for everyone.
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    vamp23 reacted to Northern Star in Gurantee Cabins - Is It Worth It?   
    I have done several late saver cruises with guarantee balcony cabins with P& O and I have never had a bad cabin allocation ....so far !
    It is just the chance you take .
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    vamp23 reacted to hturtle in No More Premium Seats   
    I dont think you can entirely blame P&O, if the flight operator can no longer offer them a service what should they do stamp their foot and shout really loud, they have taken steps to secure an alternate flight and make sure everyone can get to the ship, after all its only the flight to get you to your holiday.  Chill out and look forward to the Rum cocktails on a caribbean beach
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    vamp23 reacted to Boushki in What's Your Favourite Singalong Record?   
    Has to be Wonderwall Oasis!!!
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    vamp23 reacted to ron in Select Booking - Price Guarantees   
    As the saying goes ( you pay your price and take your chance )
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    vamp23 reacted to cruise chef in X- Factor   
    thanks rosey roo, these celebs marry & seperate so much these days its hard to keep track it would be a lot easier if they had X as a surname!!!!
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    vamp23 reacted to roseyroo in X- Factor   
    Keep up cruise chef, Ms Cole is no more, it is now Cheryl Fernandez Versini, try saying that when you've had a few
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    vamp23 got a reaction from linzi1907 in Caribbean Bargains!   
    I wish but I have used all my holidays up
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    vamp23 got a reaction from paul1924 in Rci Names 3Rd Smartship   
    im not keen either wonder who thought of that one
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    vamp23 got a reaction from roseyroo in Christmas Events   
    Humbug hturtle .  People have to book these things in advance
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    vamp23 reacted to GiGi in Competitions   
    I once won a holiday for one at Pontins...........I didn't go!
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    vamp23 got a reaction from KeithnRita in When Do You Like To Cruise?   
    I have to cruise August due to kids holidays, however it may be worth paying the fine and going outside kids hols then it may open up some more interesting destinations .  The kids will just have to take their homework with them!!
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    vamp23 reacted to june63 in Into The Blue   
    Well done Bolsover
    Just received our copy of the most recent issue, great read and some very interesting statistics about yourselves.
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    vamp23 got a reaction from WAVES in Strictly..love It Or Hate It?....   
    I dont normally watch Strictly I am a Dancing on Ice fan , but I turned over on Saturday and saw that chappy out of Eastenders doing salsa and thought he was amazing
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    vamp23 reacted to jaguar01 in Britannia's New Livery Photos   
    Hello,do you think there might be a little left our hall needs touching up.
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    vamp23 reacted to Bolsover Cruise Club in Bolsover Staff Run For Charity   
    Bolsover Cruise Club staff members Sarah, Linzi, Laura and Adam have swapped their court shoes (sorry Adam!) for running shoes as they prepare for a 5km fun run in order to raise money for a charity that is close to our hearts, Reuben's Retreat.
    The Asics Neon Run in Leeds will be held on 18 October 2014 at Temple Newsam Park. This unique night-time fun run will host fascinating on-course neon zones engulfed by black lights, lasers, strobes, dancers and DJ's to keep the runners going strong.
    Our team of runners decided to take part in a bid to raise as much money as possible for Reuben’s Retreat, an incredible charity providing a retreat in the North West of England to relieve the distress of families who have suffered bereavement of a child or have a child suffering from a life limiting or life threatening illness.
    The charity was created following the tragic passing of Reuben Graham, who had a rare brain tumour and needed surgery. Sadly Reuben passed away, a moment in time that inspired parents Nicola, Mike and four year old brother Isaac to set up ‘Reuben’s Retreat’, a place where other families with sick children can build memories. Mike and Nicola Graham were determined that something positive should emerge from their grief and as a charity extremely close to our heart, it is our aim to raise as much money for the cause as possible. You can read more about Reuben's Retreat here >
    If you'd like to support our 'fantastic four' and wish to make a donation, please visit the Virgin money giving page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/bolsoverbeauties

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